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Book Cover for: Above the Battleground: The Courageous Path to Emotional Autonomy and Inner Peace, Stephanie Panayi

Above the Battleground: The Courageous Path to Emotional Autonomy and Inner Peace

Stephanie Panayi

"My main objective has been to explore how psychology and spirituality can support each other, moving us more effectively toward inner peace." - Stephanie Panayi

Icarus flew too close to the sun, but what else could he do? Young and inexperienced, he found it difficult to stay a middle course. Intoxicated with his newfound power, he soared upwards, meeting an untimely end. But things might have gone the other way. Icarus could have feared his burgeoning capacity for flight, hesitating to use his wings. Descending too close to the ocean, the outcome would be equally disastrous.

Icarus' challenge represents our own. Emotionally, we experience similar conflicting pulls. Sometimes we lack confidence, feel weighed down, overwhelmed, and fear what lies ahead. At other times, we feel the pull of the sun; we impulsively fly into action, driven to achieve something great. The former leads to bypassing our potential; the latter, to messing it up.
Above the Battleground shows how shame and guilt relate to these extremes. Linked to feelings of unworthiness, we experience shame and guilt when we are caught in our past, our wounds. Combining insights from psychology and spiritual principles from A Course in Miracles, Above the Battleground shows how we can heal, enjoying the happiness and constancy of our true Self, transcending the poles.

Part One sets the stage by examining the impact of early relationships on our attitudes towards authority and our sense of shame and guilt. The concept of shame and guilt proneness is connected to three behaviour patterns (compliant, aggressive, and detached) observed by psychoanalyst Karen Horney.

Part Two has a spiritual focus and rests largely on the work of Carl Jung. Unlike most psychologists, Jung proposed that our self has two aspects: one tied to our personal history, abilities, and characteristics, and another linked to our transcendent, spiritual Self that is connected to a timeless collective.

Jung's idea of life's first and second half provides insight into the human experience across the lifespan. Above the Battleground is organised accordingly, into the morning (Part One: AM) and evening (Part Two: PM) of life, emphasising the challenges inherent in both. Part Two tackles the midlife call to review our habitual ways, enabling us to embrace our authentic self by letting go of shame and guilt.

Part Three discusses A Course in Miracles, a psycho-spiritual book that introduces a unique approach to forgiveness and releasing shame and guilt. The Dark Night of the Soul is examined closely, a phase where we feel like we're falling apart, which is typical in our journey towards self-discovery and spiritual growth. The life of one of New Zealand's most celebrated authors, Janet Frame, is used to illustrate several major themes, and shows how courage to meet our fears will be rewarded with increased happiness, resilience, and peace.

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