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Book Cover for: Becoming Jezebel, John Burns

Becoming Jezebel

John Burns

Jesus Christ identified seven churches begun by John the Revelator to address what is wrong with the church he began on Pentecost.

One of those churches is Thyatira. This is the Greek name of the wife of Nimrod who had a Babylonian name of Semiramis. She is an adulterer, and she introduced child sacrifice into human religious practices.

Her practices migrated from Babylon to ancient Israel and the land of Canaan the descendants of Abraham were promised. These ancient fertility cults were eventually incorporated into Jewish worship under Jeroboam I. Ahab is his grandson.

Ahab marries the princess of Tyre and the daughter of the high priest of the Sidonian religion which had adopted the pantheon of Babylon and gave it a Phoenician touch. Jezebel is our villain, and she is our example of what church was never to become.

Jezebel set up Phallic symbols in Samaria and throughout the kingdom of the north. She believed in sacrificing babies on superheated fertility altars erected in Canaan. She convinces her husband, the King of Israel, to go along.

Jezebel begins her career corrupting Ahab by starting an inquisition upon the family of Naboth, a dresser of vines and a shepherd in Israel. She wipes out his entire bloodline over a piece of land. That land is still being fought over by the descendants of Ahab and Jezebel in Israel today.

Ahab was a man who once believed in God's plan to redeem man to himself through the sacrifice of his own son. A little leaven in the life of Jeroboam had now turned the whole lump of Israel toward sin.

The practices of Babylon had made their way into ancient monotheistic worship in Israel. Fertility practices venerated by pagans were now in the house of God on earth.

Nothing has changed. Today these practices are being venerated in Christian houses where they proclaim God exists.

Join me as we discover how Jesus Christ's church has allowed for the same practices here in America, and I fear tradition has replaced Bible truth in a way that hinders the true worship of Jesus Christ as King and Savior.

The road goes on forever and the party never ends.

He was crucified upon a cross of wood yet he created the hill upon which it stood.
He is alive forevermore and he is returning for his virgin bride very soon.

Enjoy Becoming Jezebel

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