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Book Cover for: Daily Acts: A Yearly Guide to Prayer and Praise: A Yearly Guide to Prayer and Praise, Lalla Lee Campsen

Daily Acts: A Yearly Guide to Prayer and Praise: A Yearly Guide to Prayer and Praise

Lalla Lee Campsen

Is your prayer life stuck in a rut? Do you struggle to stay focused in prayer? Do you feel like you want or need to pray, but don't know how to begin your conversations with God?

You are not alone. The biblical mandate, "Devote yourselves to prayer" (Colossians 4:2), is one we all have difficulty fulfilling. However, Lalla Lee Campsen's book, Daily ACTS, will strengthen your personal commitment to prayer.

Conceived and formulated over a span of more than twenty years, Daily ACTS: A Yearly Guide to Prayer and Praise, provides direction in prayer for individuals and groups alike. With God's Holy Word as the foundation, and the acronym ACTS (Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication) as the framework, Lalla Lee's biblical prayers have been embraced by prayer warriors across the nation. Her guide is a proven resource for cultivating a vibrant prayer life.

Daily ACTS organizes biblical prayers, praises, and reflections by topic. Prayers are arranged alphabetically; for particular people; for the holidays; and by scriptural themes such as the Fruit of the Holy Spirit, the Greatest Commandment and the Lord's Prayer.

Prayer is a means of grace. To partake in this means of grace, Daily ACTS offers structure for intercession enriched by devotional reflection and theological insight. By God's grace, this systematic guide will produce a more meaningful prayer life and intimate relationship with the triune God.

Let Daily ACTS help you "devote yourself to prayer" and reap the blessings that ensue.


Daily ACTS: A Yearly Guide to Prayer and Praise has been endorsed by many well-respected authors, theologians, and laypeople. Praise has come from: Ligon Duncan, Chancellor Reformed Theological Seminary; Tim Scott, United States Senator; Melissa Kruger, Director of Women's Initiatives, The Gospel Coalition; Derek Thomas, Senior Minister, First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, SC; Bill Jones, Chancellor, Columbia International University; Jairy Hunter, President Emeritus, Charleston Southern University; Jenny Sanford McKay, former First Lady of South Carolina and author; authors David Teems and Mary Tutterow; and Bible Study Fellowship International teacher and trainer Michaelene Sander.

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  • Publisher: J. Westin Books
  • Publish Date: Nov 10th, 2020
  • Pages: 282
  • Language: English
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About the Author

Campsen, Lalla Lee: -

Lalla Lee Laffitte Campsen is a native of South Carolina. Born and raised in Columbia, Lalla Lee completed a degree in Biology at The College of Charleston. After graduation, she married her college class Sunday school teacher, Chip Campsen. The Campsens live on the Isle of Palms where they raised their two sons, George and Boyce.

Praise for this book

"In Daily ACTS, Lalla Lee Campsen shares a systematic approach to prayer she developed over more than twenty years leading prayer and Bible study groups. Built upon the firm foundation of scripture, Daily ACTS is a means of grace that will enrich your prayer life and deepen your relationship with the God that made us." --Tim Scott, United States Senator
"Most of us want to grow our prayer lives, but don't know where to begin. Lalla Lee has created a wonderful resource to help develop a robust and thriving prayer life. Her new book, Daily ACTS, will help you pray while it teaches you how to pray. With the Bible as the foundation for each topic, this book will encourage you to pray in deeper and richer ways--I highly recommend it!" --Melissa Kruger, Director of Women's Initiatives for The Gospel Coalition
"Lalla Lee Campsen has made me wish I had been given this book fifty years ago! It is a marvelous resource that will profoundly implement a routine of real, strong and courageous prayer. I foresee an army of prayer warriors emerging in the days to come, changed and equipped by this book, and what an influence that will have on this hurting world of ours. I fully endorse and recommend this book. But a warning: don't read it unless you are willing for your prayer life to change dramatically. You have been warned." --Derek W. H. Thomas, Senior Minister, First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, SC; Teaching Fellow, Ligonier Ministries Chancellor's Professor, Reformed Theological Seminary
"Most books I read make a deposit "in" me. I glean new information or develop a better understanding and then move to the next book. Daily ACTS, however, was different. Not that I didn't receive valuable insights from it. I did. The book was biblical, theological, devotional and very practical. Daily ACTS went beyond making a deposit "in" me. It drew something "out" of me, a deeper longing to know Christ more intimately and His Word more thoroughly. Lalla Lee Campsen has spent years on her knees and it shows." --Bill Jones, Chancellor, Columbia International University
"Praying God's Word through a structured (ACTS) and alphabetical format was a new and seemingly limiting way to pray for me, but it proved to be quite the opposite. Praying this way has blown open my prayer life! Guided by His very words from scripture (instead of my own fears and needs), I am bathed in comfort and confidence that He hears and answers our prayers." -Mary Tutterow, author of The Heart of the Caregiver Bible study series
"Daily ACTS is an easy to use, "spirit-filled" prayer guide for all ages. This marvelous book integrates biblical references and special types of prayers with topics people often think about.
God called Lalla Lee Campsen to develop this unique prayer book. She has poured her heart and soul into this invaluable resource that offers four approaches to prayer, counsel for godly living and God's plan for eternal security through Jesus Christ. The four approaches to prayer are summarized in the acronym ACTS: Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving and Supplication.
Christ's followers as well as non-believers will benefit greatly from this resource with fifty-two chapters, one for each week of the year. Each chapter will be extremely helpful for prayer offerings and devotionals.
Of special significance, this book repeatedly points to the importance that before one can walk with the Lord, they must first accept Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. I especially liked the easy method Lalla Lee offers for sharing the gospel using the ABC's. I plan to use this helpful guide in sharing the "Good News."
I have had the pleasure of serving as president and professor of Charleston Southern University, a distinctively Christian university. Mr. and Mrs. W. Norris Lightsey, Lalla Lee's grandparents, were founders of this university. I feel sure that her grandparents are looking down and thanking the Lord for Lalla Lee's calling and preparation of this book. I wholeheartedly recommend Daily ACTS as an exceptional prayer guide."
--Jairy Hunter, President Emeritus, Charleston Southern University
"Witnessing the evolution of Daily ACTS from inception to final polish, as I was fortunate to do, it was plain early on that the concept, method, and execution was the result of vigilance and effort, of focus and determination, patience and study, and over a span of some twenty years. So, while we must call this a first book, and though Lalla Lee Campsen will be considered a new author, this is not the work of a novice, but that of a veteran writer and thinker, a woman not only in possession of all the right instincts, but with the talent and grace to give them speech." --David Teems, author of Majestie: The King Behind the King James Bible and Tyndale: The Man Who Gave God and English a Voice
"I am personally helped to pray by the faithful, biblical prayers of fellow believers, especially when they are written down. Such prayers by John Calvin, Augustin Marlorat, Matthew Henry, Isaac Watts, C.H. Spurgeon, F.B. Meyer, Tim Keller and others can be found on about half a shelf of small books of scriptural prayer, immediately to my right hand as I write this. I have now added the name of Lalla Lee Campsen to the list of godly people who help me in prayer.
Her book Daily ACTS blessed me as I read and used it in manuscript form, and now has joined my little shelf of books to help me come to the Father, through the Son, by the Spirit, with the scriptures. Her useful and encouraging book is organized in five sections, offering different ways of arranging our daily intercession: biblical topical prayers, organized alphabetically; prayers arranged around the fruits of the Spirit; prayer for particular groups of people; thematic and topical prayers (for instance, using the Lord's Prayer or the Golden Rule); and prayers for the holidays.
I am deeply thankful for her labors in preparing the book, but especially for her example in prayer. May the Lord use this book to help us offer up our desires unto God, for things agreeable to his will, in the name of Christ, with confession of our sins, and thankful acknowledgment of his mercies." --Ligon Duncan, Chancellor and CEO, Reformed Theological Seminary
"Every chef has a test kitchen to try out the recipes before they serve their special guests at a dinner party. I have been blessed to be a part of Lalla Lee's Daily ACTS test group. For years, we have met weekly together to pray for our children, families, friends & this next generation worldwide. Following her example found in Daily ACTS, we have prayed week by week from A-Z. How thankful I am to invite you to come join us as you read through Daily ACTS! "Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good, blessed is the one who trusts in Him." This will be a book you will want to share with all and invite them saying 'Come, see, and pray with me.'" --Michaelene Sanders, Online Trainer, Bible Study Fellowship International