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Book Cover for: Neoclassical Aesthetic Canons: Reviving Ancient Greek and Roman Ideals of Beauty Through Modern Surgical Techniques - for Plastic Surgery and Cosmeti, Cineris Multifacet

Neoclassical Aesthetic Canons: Reviving Ancient Greek and Roman Ideals of Beauty Through Modern Surgical Techniques - for Plastic Surgery and Cosmeti

Cineris Multifacet

Neoclassical Aesthetic Canons

As a surgeon, let's face it, you are an artist. The most advanced, forward-thinking kind of artist there is. It's going to take many people decades, if they ever do, to acknowledge the genius of your craft. But you are known by your signature. And like the sculptors of the ancient Roman and Greek eras, and the photorealistic painters of the late 1800s and early 1900s, your work must look natural. And so here are the most modern ways to bring natural-looking beauty to your work and to the faces that you create.

In Neoclassical Aesthetic Canons, the research and development team of Cineris Multifacet, a consulting team working on the 2093 Face Factory project, explores the intersection of classical aesthetic principles and modern surgical techniques. This groundbreaking work examines the timeless ideals of beauty, proportion, and symmetry found in ancient Greek and Roman art and philosophy, and their potential applications in contemporary cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

The Cineris Multifacet team uncovers the mathematical and artistic foundations of classical aesthetics, and applies these principles to the cutting-edge world of modern surgery. With a focus on facial and body contouring procedures, the book provides a comprehensive guide to integrating classical aesthetics into surgical planning and execution, while emphasizing patient safety, autonomy, and well-being.

Deeply researched, Neoclassical Aesthetic Canons is a must-read for any surgeon, physician, or scholar interested in the art and science of beauty. This book offers a fascinating venture through the annals of classical aesthetics and their modern-day applications, providing insights and techniques to help surgeons achieve more natural, harmonious, and aesthetically pleasing results.

Save loads of time and get to the future and the forefront of your field NOW rather than later.

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Page Count: 500 pages

Publisher: Cineris Multifacet

Publication Date: 2024

About the Author:

The research and development team of Cineris Multifacet is a multidisciplinary group of experts working on the 2093 Face Factory project, which aims to envision the future of cosmetic surgery and biometric security. The team aims to bring together specialists and specialized tools from various fields, including plastic surgery, dermatology, computer science, and biomedical engineering, and art to explore the intersections of beauty, technology, and medicine.

This book is part of the Néo Plastikós series, envisioning and providing tools for the implementation of the future of cosmetic surgery.

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  • Publish Date: May 22nd, 2024
  • Pages: 502
  • Language: English
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