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Book Cover for: Practice Angels: How to Build a Full Private Practice from Good Referrals Alone, Lyn Kelley

Practice Angels: How to Build a Full Private Practice from Good Referrals Alone

Lyn Kelley

Lyn Kelley, Ph.D. has 25+ years as a licensed therapist and certified coach. She has been providing seminars, CE courses and consulting for thousands of healthcare providers for over 20 years. She gives you the tried-true-tested PROVEN methods to promote your private practice to a well-pay, self-pay clientele, in the most cost-effective ways. No frill, no fluff, just the facts! All medical and healthcare providers (especially Coaches, Counselors & Consultants) need to read this book! Practice Angels are your best referral sources. You can build your entire practice with well-pay, self-pay clients simply with a few good referral sources. Dr. Kelley gives you the most ethical and effective ways to find your best referral sources and cause them to refer to you over and over. Bonus: 7 ways to double your income without advertising or spending any money! Here's what you'll get: --The 3 Reasons Referrals are Your Most Cost-Effective Way to Build a --Successful Practice --Why You Can't ASK for Referrals --The Simple and Dignified Way to Get More Client Referrals --The Most Essential Components of Success --The One Huge Mistake Clinicians Make that Guarantees Failure --The Value of a Satisfied Client --The Single, Most Important Attitude that Moves You from an Average Provider to a Successful Provider --Why You're Only Looking for a Few Good Clients --Learn to Say "No" More than you Say "Yes" --Why You Can't Depend on Long-Term Clients or Client Referrals --The Six Magic Words that Get People to Pay Your Full Fee --Your 6 Worst Referral Sources --Your 10 Best Referral Sources --How to Get Current and Inactive Clients to Refer to You --The ONLY Way to Get Clients to Refer to You (without asking them to) --The 3 Reasons Clients Leave Treatment Too Soon --The 7 Magic Words that Turn Phone Inquiries into Cash-Paying Appointments --The Step-By-Step Plan to Get More Referrals --Tell, Don't Sell --Coaching Works! --The Most Effective Way to Get the RIGHT Professionals to Refer to You --The Magic of Your FREE OFFER --The ONLY Ways to Get Doctors to Refer to You --What to Give Physicians After a Referral to Ensure They Will Send You More --Why Audio CD's, Videos and MP3's Work in Getting Referrals --How to Get Referral Sources to Keep Sending You More --Exact Guidelines for How to Thank Your Referrers --Gratitude and the Law of Attraction --What to Send at the Holiday Seasons to Make Your Referrals Skyrocket --The 3 BEST Ways to Thank Referral Sources --A Simple Letter, Sent to the Right People, Done the Right Way Will Swamp You With New, Good Business --Sample Thank You Letter --Sample Coupon that Compels People to Call You --Never Bill Out Again! The 1-2-3 System that Gets 99% of Clients to Pay You at the Time of Service --Get Rid of Your Collection Accounts --It's Actually Quite Easy to Get Paid When You Have Experts Working for You --10 Simple Things You Need to Do Right Now --The Most Effective Marketing Strategies (Which are not marketing!) --How to Target and Promote SPECIFICALLY to a Well-Pay, Self-Pay Clientele --How to Get People to KNOW-LIKE-TRUST You --How to Obtain Your GOLDMINE List - Your High Yield Target Market --BONUS: 7 Ways to Double Your Income Without Advertising or Spending ANY Money

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  • Publish Date: May 26th, 2024
  • Pages: 82
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