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Book Cover for: Reparative Mechanisms of Stem Cells in Cerebral Ischemia, María del Mar Zorrilla Abad

Reparative Mechanisms of Stem Cells in Cerebral Ischemia

María del Mar Zorrilla Abad
Ischemic stroke or ischemic cerebrovascular accident (CVA) involves a decrease in blood supply to a region of brain tissue for a variable period of time, which leads to neuronal death in that area, known as the "infarct core", and consequently, its loss of function. In its vicinity we find the "ischemic penumbra" zone in which there is residual perfusion with cell viability. In the initial stage or acute phase of ischemic stroke, due to the damage produced, the release of proinflammatory cytokines and trophic factors responsible for the appearance of inflammation and edema will be triggered, which will favor greater neurodegeneration through the resulting necrotic and apoptotic processes. It is in this period that current pharmacological and surgical therapy will act, mediating the reestablishment of blood perfusion in the core of the infarct. Studies in animal models have given us a more complete knowledge of the pathology, thus allowing us to develop new fields of action on which to focus for recovery. Stem cells are presented as a beneficial therapeutic alternative

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  • Publish Date: Jan 26th, 2023
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