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Book Cover for: Stories From Ethiopia Volume V: Tails, Paws, Wings and Beaks in English and Afaan Oromo, Elizabeth Spor Taylor

Stories From Ethiopia Volume V: Tails, Paws, Wings and Beaks in English and Afaan Oromo

Elizabeth Spor Taylor

Get five books in one in this collection of bilingual titles, all of which were illustrated by April Phillips. Beginning readers explore the beauty and diversity of Ethiopia through its wildlife, starting with Counting in Ethiopia. Beautiful collage illustrations count through the stunning components of the Ethiopian countryside, like lava lakes and wolf pups. Who Am I gives readers clues to identify some of the many species who live in Ethiopia, like black maned lions and vervet monkeys. Only in Ethiopia features some of the unique species that are only found in Ethiopia, like the mountain nyala or the big-headed mole rat. Little Bird is a sweet tale about a fledgling finding the courage to make a big leap from its nest. And Let's Play Football imagines what would happen if some of those amazing animals who call Ethiopia home decided to join a friendly game with the neighbor kids!

Open Hearts Big Dreams Ready Set Go (OHBD-RSG) Books were created to help increase the literacy rate in Ethiopia through giving readers books with stories in their heart languages, full of colorful illustrations with Ethiopian settings and details. Profits from book sales are used to create, print, and distribute more OHBD-RSG books to kids in Ethiopia, Africa's second most populous country. Ethiopia's population has a high percentage of children ages 0-14. Only a small percentage attend pre-school or kindergarten, and the adult literacy rate is around 50%.

Some of our books are based on wise Ethiopian sayings that often rhyme in Amharic. If an adult says the first half, many children can chant the second half. Sometimes the meaning of these sayings is clear. Sometimes it has to be puzzled out and argued over. But sayings and idioms and proverbs help people express truths and beliefs in unusual ways. Other books are based on STEAM topics, cooking, colors, counting and more.

Since late 2017, OHBD has published over 150 unique OHBD-RSG bilingual titles in a number of Ethiopian, African and global languages plus English and has plans to publish more titles and add more languages. New titles or languages are added monthly; follow our author page to get new release announcements. Open Hearts Big Dreams Fund (OHBD) is a 501(3)(c) not for profit organization that believes the chance to dream big dreams should not depend on where in the world you are born. Our mission is to inspire and enable youth in Ethiopia through Literacy, Innovation, Inclusion and Leadership Projects in collaboration with individuals and organizations in Ethiopia and globally.

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  • Publish Date: May 28th, 2024
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