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Book Cover for: The Mermaids from Sirius Ⅰ: Whispers of the Mermaids: Epic Fantasy and Romance Unveiled in Sirius Mountain's Thriller Secrets, Alice Joliana

The Mermaids from Sirius Ⅰ: Whispers of the Mermaids: Epic Fantasy and Romance Unveiled in Sirius Mountain's Thriller Secrets

Alice Joliana

Disclaimer: Previously published as The Mermaid Sirius Ⅰ, once known as the series title Magical Countries Of The Astral Realm by Alice Joliana.

This book is the first volume of the fantasy series 'Magical Kingdoms Beyond the Stars--The Mermaids from Sirius'.

The Purple Star, a magnificent celestial body enveloped in a regal shade of purple, serves as the enchanting backdrop for our tales, a realm where fantasy novels and romance fiction entwine seamlessly.
It all commenced on a summer breeze, a whisper that set the stage for Princess Balmy's mysterious disappearance five years ago. With the grace of a water lily adorning a crystal-clear pond, her beauty had the power to captivate even her adversaries. Yet, the question lingers in the minds of thousands: Where did she vanish to? Is she still among the living?
In that very summer, a youthful mermaid residing in the Cheerful Lake, aged 120 years, yearned for liberation from her confined existence, desiring to break free and explore the world beyond, echoing the themes of new adult books and epic fantasy.
Simultaneously, a brooding and handsome young man, accompanied by his loyal friend, arrived at the infamous and perilous Sirius Mountain. Here, amidst danger and destiny, he encountered the Little Mermaid and her companion, forming an unexpected alliance. However, shadows of melancholy clouded his eyes, hinting at secrets he wished to unravel but dared not confront, much like the suspense found in thriller books.
Once a prodigious sorceress of the Sorcerer's Clan, she possessed unparalleled Spiritual Power, sorcery, and Martial Arts Skills, embodying the daring ambition of love story books. Her audacious spirit and relentless pursuit of perfection made her the epitome of youthful ambition, a trait reminiscent of characters from romantic books.
This saga unfolds on the wings of a summer breeze, harmonizing with the sun, moon, and stars, and pirouetting with the fierce mountain wind and the echoes of the wolf's howl. When will this mesmerizing tale draw to a close? Perhaps... it shall never cease.

Book Details

  • Publisher: Independently Published
  • Publish Date: Dec 5th, 2022
  • Pages: 294
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 9.00in - 6.00in - 0.62in - 0.87lb
  • EAN: 9798867057688
  • Categories: Fantasy - Romance
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