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Cover of A Little Life
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Cover of The Overstory
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Cover of The Candy House
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Cover of Happy Place
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Cover of Fatty Fatty Boom Boom: A Memoir of Food, Fat, and Family
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Cover of Nightcrawling
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Cover of Matrix
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Cover of Small Mercies
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“I'm slightly obsessed with Tertulia, a new book discovery app that's like if Rotten Tomatoes and a bookstore and a book club all had a baby.”

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“It's brilliant... I'm a big fan — so Tertulia people, if you're reading this, I see what you're doing. And I like it. Keep going.”

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“The sleek app provides a much-needed — and hugely upgraded — alternative to Amazon for those in the market for a new read... it's a curated space for bookworms.”

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“A sleek new app that takes a novel approach to online discovery”

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