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This is Tertulia

A bookstore co-owned by readers

Tertulia is co-owned by our co-op members, a community of avid readers. This means that we put the interests of readers, authors, and a healthy book ecosystem first.

Book discovery beyond the best-sellers

Book recommendationsfrom curated voices

Book recommendations from curated voices

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Personalized recommendations for your taste

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Track your reading

“Tertulia provides a much-needed - and hugely upgraded - alternative to Amazon for those in the market for a new read.”



  • First, when you sign up for Tertulia membership, you get 50% off your first book. For the entire year, members get unlimited free shipping and an across-the-board discount of 10% off all books. That discount increases to 20% off once you spend $150 within the year period of your membership. Finally, you also accrue ownership units in the Tertulia Co-op, which entitles you to a stake in the company’s success over time.

  • The Tertulia Co- op membership lasts for one year.All members are eligible to try out the program with a 30 - day free trial before paying the annual dues of $25.There are no monthly fees or other charges within the one - year membership.

  • All new members are eligible to get 50% off their first book in addition to free shipping. If you’re not yet a member, you can sign up here now and start your free trial. During that trial, we will automatically add a 50% discount to your first book purchased. You can select a book immediately when you check out. Or, you can come back later to select a book, and your discount will be applied if you are logged in. 

  • As a co-owner in the Tertulia Co-op, your voice matters. From time to time, Tertulia Co-op members are asked to weigh in on company strategic initiatives. You are encouraged to exercise your vote on issues such as which features we choose to introduce in the app, or how we can foster reader-author engagement in new ways.

  • Yes. As a co‑op, we act in the long-term interests of our members and community. As the needs of our members and business change, we may also change the benefits of membership. But your accrued member-ownership stake will never change.

  • If you should decide that you no longer want to continue in the co-op, please contact before your 1-year renewal date. If you decide during the 30-day trial that you do not want to continue your benefits for the rest of the year you can also contact and we will get back to you within 1 business day.

  • p>Tertulia, Inc. has allocated 10% of its equity to the Tertulia Co-op, to benefit the Co-op members who collectively purchase the first $100M of books. The co-op will distribute to its members any future financial benefits from its equity stake in Tertulia, Inc. This means that for every dollar spent on Tertulia, Co-op members gain a greater stake in Tertulia’s success.

Become a co-op member and get

Free shippingUp to 20% off all books50% off your first book

Only $25/year after your 30-day free trial. Cancel anytime