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Book Cover for: 'The Little Bird That Wanted to Fly to the Moon' Activity Book for Ages 6-8, Svetlana Kitik

'The Little Bird That Wanted to Fly to the Moon' Activity Book for Ages 6-8

Svetlana Kitik

From the creators of "The Little Bird That Wanted to Fly to the Moon"

Here comes an Activity Book for 6-8 yr olds

that is exciting, engaging, educational and entertaining.

Full of colour and a great variety of different activities

to develop both literacy and numeracy skills

as well as being informative and fun.

This Activity book is designed to be a way of

enhancing learning and extending knowledge.

There's something to interest everyone

from avian arithmetic to feathery facts

and interesting idioms!

Happy learning and have fun.

We hope you've learnt something

by the time you are done!

Do you have a thirst for knowing,

As you are developing and growing?

For facts and fun, are you after?

Then this is the Activity Book

Designed to help you learn with laughter

Literacy, numeracy and knowledge to gain

With activities to exercise and tickle the brain.

Full of colour and illustrations,

And things to spark the imagination.

Book Details

  • Publisher: Spinning Story
  • Publish Date: Jun 6th, 2024
  • Pages: 38
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 11.69in - 8.27in - 0.08in - 0.26lb
  • EAN: 9780645805444
  • Recommended age: 06-08
  • Categories: Activity Books - GeneralAnimals - BirdsConcepts - Counting & Numbers

About the Author

Kitik, Svetlana: - Surprising herself, in her later years, Svetlana decided to share her writing and stories with young listeners and readers, for their enjoyment. Being a lover of rhyme helps her stories to shine, with an artful coin of phrase, she even does herself amaze, rhyming is not just a passing phase, nor a fad or a craze, this is the way she writes and with words plays.. With a few stories ready for sharing, she has decided to be daring, and publish.Formerly an educator and accredited counsellor, as well as a Mother, lifetime learner and lover of language, Svetlana's stories aim to not only delight, but also promote positive values and solution-focused approaches, and a snippet of wisdom and mirth, to promote the idea of a better Earth.Having teamed up with the artistically talented multimedia illustrator Maura O'Regan, Svetlana's stories have been beautifully enhanced with pictures to capture the imagination. It is this combination of words and pictures that set her books apart.Adelaide born and raised, well travelled and worldly, Svetlana is pleased to present and share her writing and stories with the world!
O'Regan, Maura Juliana: - Maura Juliana O' Regan is a multifaceted freestyler. Enmeshed in a myriad of media, she has turned her hand to drawing and loves looking at things that bring questions and analysis while crawling over the reinvention of a wheel. Blessed to spend her early childhood in Killarney, Ireland, amidst mythical forests and lakes, Maura is an avid autodidact and has been inspired widely with much love of the natural world around her, while now caught in the chaos of an urban prism of Adelaide, South Australia Her heart is drawn to the mystic and enchanted fantastically believing in the supernatural and the underlying magic of the imagination's force to liberate us. Rallied by Svetlana Kitik's quixotically quaint rhymes and rambles, in adoration and allied in alliteration, faery, foxes, falcons, flamingos and fables are flung free upon the page.