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Book Cover for: 2015 Tribulation War Years: The 4th World Order, James D. Adams

2015 Tribulation War Years: The 4th World Order

James D. Adams

. Turkey which had been a NATO ally of the U.S. falls to the Fundamentalist movement. By taking Western people hostage, and closing the Dardanelle Straights, Turkey causes the U.S. the E.U. and Russia to form a short term military alliance to free the hostages and reopen the straights. Because of confused military orders, the American Atlantic naval fleet is stopped by the Russian Fleet in the Atlantic. War between the U.S. and Russia is avoided when American naval forces retreat from the confrontation. Syria and its allies seeing the Americans retreat in the Atlantic, attack Israel. No sooner is Israel attacked by the Syrians than Al-Qaida strikes at the heart of America, using suitcase size nuclear weapons of terror. America responds by using nuclear weapons against the Syrian coalition and its allies with nuclear weaponry. With the Turkish incident war ending; and America severely damaged, the President using his State of Emergency orders incarcerates his political enemies and wins his next election. The Russians seeing what is happening in America, and fearing another war like the ones with Germany, choose to wage a limited nuclear war against America. The Russian war plan fails when America and her allies respond differently than the parameters set by the Russian war planners. Both Russia and America bring one another to their knees, and in the process cause billions of people to die because of the Radflu. The signing of the Armistice Peace Treaty in Europe between the two belligerents transfers to Europe and Asia the leadership of the world. The Hopi Indians seeing all that has happened in the world, including the ecological changes, begin having visions from their 'Spirits' telling them of the 4th worlds demise, and what final events will usher in the 5th world. From one chapter to the next, the reader will follow world leader's actions that bring about the end the 4th world according to Hopi Indian beliefs.

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  • Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Publish Date: May 22nd, 2010
  • Pages: 386
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 9.02in - 5.98in - 0.80in - 1.13lb
  • EAN: 9781452810867
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About the Author

James D. Adams, Jim as he prefers to be called is a retired Management Consultant and Engineer. As an educator, working with CMTC/NIST, Jim taught facility design and lean manufacturing at the University of California-Irvine. Jim and his wife Cat divide the year living in either British Columbia or California: Holiday and leisure time is spent traveling to Europe or other points of interest, and spending time with their family and friends. Jim's life time passion and study of history, archeology, political science, and geography has in recent years turned itself into the creation of story-telling about the topics. Jim's next book will be a sequel to the fictional story 2015-Tribulation Wars.