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Book Cover for: 99 Laws of Follow-Up and Retention that Grow Mega-Churches, Albert O. Aina

99 Laws of Follow-Up and Retention that Grow Mega-Churches

Albert O. Aina

Ministry Success, especially Church Work is governed by laws, and Principles. There are Church Growth laws and principles that generate healthy growth.
I knew this as a fact after I wrote 100 WAYS TO
There are Evangelistic laws and strategies that attract six different categories of prospects into the Church. That was why I wrote SMART FISHING STRATEGIES in 2012 and followed with 104 EVANGELIST AND DISCIPLESHIP STRATEGIES in 2020.
After writing and practicing ATTRACTING,
RETAINING & ASSIMILATING MORE FIRST TIME GUESTS IN YOUR CHURCH, in 2013, I knew, seven years later, that there are yet 99 LAWS OF
Several of these 99 LAWS OF FOLLOW UP AND RETENTION, came by trial, failure and error. Some came by Diving Inspiration. A case is point is MASS
ATTACK APPROACH TO FOLLOW UP which was revealed to me in our previous parish in 2001. I taught my workers on MASS ATTACK APPROACH TO FOLLOW UP and our Church attendance increased from 400 to 620 in 60 days. That was what qualified me to teach and write on it authoritatively.
Most of the Laws in this book were uncovered in the laboratory of three decades of Ministerial and Pastoral experience.
Yet more of the laws were discovered in my Library research and insights from Church Growth practitioners and foremost authors.
From my experience as a Church Growth Trainer and Church Management Consultant/Chief
Executive Officer of Christian Leadership Skills, since 1994, I have come to realize that a good handle on these Follow Up Laws and Principles, bathed in Prayers, is what builds healthy growing churches.
Authorities on Church Growth and Church Health have come to a conclusion that "Simply by keeping a finger on the pulse of Follow up and Assimilation, you will see a huge difference in the growth of your Church"
Putting my finger on the pulse of Follow up and Assimilation in some of the Churches that I pastored in the last three decades has brought a tremendous difference.
We once received 46 first time guests in a particular weekend service. Two months down the line, we retained 42 of these precious souls.

Experience is the best Teacher, provided it is not your own experience. By experience, sometimes, very bitter ones, I have discovered that not every Follow Up strategy will work in every given situation. I have applied some and they did not work as desired. In fact, in a particular case, it backfired. My first time guest once declared "I will never step into your Church again." That was in 1999. She kept her word. She was a Director with one of the State's Government. My wife, Lara and I, had followed up this top Government official, stood by her on her major challenges, until we finally invited her to join our church.

RETENTION has put together in one smart volume, everything that I have ever practiced, read or taught on the subject matter in the last thirty years.

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