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Book Cover for: A Decision Making Primer, G. Claude Wright

A Decision Making Primer

G. Claude Wright

If you often find yourself unraveling messes your poor choices have created, this book is a must read. Speaking to a wide variety of decision-making situations, its seventy seven principles provide the template for what a good decision-maker looks like. As you become aware of the multifaceted nature of some of these concepts, you'll find they apply to an even greater number of circumstances than you might have imagined.

Many of the lessons stress the reality that poor decisions bear consequences-and a few of the principles will open your eyes to the presence of subtle, but important nuances that might otherwise escape your notice. These, alone are worth the price of the book. My hope is that this book will wean you from the habit of second guessing yourself and transform you into a competent decision-maker.

Book Details

  • Publisher: Ewings Publishing LLC
  • Publish Date: Apr 25th, 2023
  • Pages: 328
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 9.00in - 6.00in - 0.73in - 1.06lb
  • EAN: 9798886406993
  • Categories: Decision Making & Problem SolvingGeneral

Praise for this book

In A Decision Making Primer, Gary Wright poignantly illustrates real-life stories that challenge you to look backward and forward, inward and outward, to remember the past and dream for the future. Gary has an amazing gift of succinctly articulating various experiences which have the transforming ability to allow us to see ourselves, as we are, and understand how our decisions can shape us by helping us learn and imagine who and what we can become. Filled with humor, intimacy, and important lessons, the wisdom conveyed brings us on a journey that can blossom into a life well-lived. Written as though he were speaking directly to us, his heart leaps from the pages. His refreshing, out-of-the-box approach to life, is an inspiration for all of us. A real treasure.

Barb Kaptanian... A friend and Fellow Sojourner

Mr. Wright's keen ear for telling a good story and his passion for ferreting out excellence will transport you from the everyday to the sublime. Ignore the lessons taken from the stories of his and others' real life experiences and you will have missed an opportunity to sharpen your decision-making skills. Learn from Mr. Wright and you'll avoid more of life's problems, hurdles, and unexpected setbacks.

Jon Kokanna - Mid-market Business Advisor

In different situations, we all make mistakes...poor choices, but do we all learn from our mistakes, to make better choices? It takes a unique individual with the right combination of curiosity, personal integrity, and analytical skill to distill from a given situation the essential principals at work. Gary is such an individual. A successful businessman, he has dug through numerous business situations to unearth rich nuggets of truth regarding decision-making. I call his book a HANDBOOK FOR WISE CHOICES.

Dr. Frank Matthews, Professor of Physics Emeritius, Colorado School of Mines

Reading Gary's book made me feel wiser. Gary extracts wisdom from life's everyday lessons. His insights, based upon his own learning moments, will change the way you make decisions. It may even change the way you think!

Steve Smith, Founder, Smith Tech Service