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Book Cover for: A High School Understanding of Blockchain Technology, Jacob Owen

A High School Understanding of Blockchain Technology

Jacob Owen

A high school understanding of blockchain technology covers many basic blockchain concepts, they are simplified to help the reader better understand these complex ideas, and we will look at how these factors can affect the decentralization of a blockchain overall. The book also covers several different types of consensus methods, and in the last section we look at Bitcoin and its proof-of-work blockchain in detail. There are hand drawn illustrations throughout the book which give the reader a better idea of how blockchains work, although they are not actual representations of the technology. They are simplified so the reader can understand the concept of what is happening with each aspect of a blockchain, from its network of validators and nodes, to its voting structure and implementation of improvement proposals.

This book will not teach you any of the coding involved with these concepts, nor will it help the reader find the next 100x coin or token, rather this book explains blockchain technology in a simplified but detailed way, and it is meant to give the reader a better understanding of the foundations of blockchain technology.

There are definitely more in-depth resources on blockchain technology, and I encourage readers to continue their education on blockchain after reading this book. This book is meant to be a high school level education on blockchain, just a basic understanding of the concepts, and a little more detail on important topics like decentralization, self-custody wallets, and the Bitcoin blockchain.

I believe context is important, so the first section of the book covers my life before and after I started researching blockchain, and the book includes my personal experience setting up a Bitcoin mining farm at my house. If any of this sounds interesting to you, then this book is a perfect place to start your understanding of Bitcoin and blockchain technology!

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  • Publish Date: Jun 21st, 2024
  • Pages: 174
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