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Book Cover for: A Historical Perspective on Crime and Injustice in India: 1947-2010, Elio Endless

A Historical Perspective on Crime and Injustice in India: 1947-2010

Elio Endless


Discover the compelling narrative of India's battle against corruption and injustice in "A Historical Perspective on Crime and Injustice in India, 1947-2010." This meticulously researched and thought-provoking book offers an in-depth exploration of the pervasive issue of corruption in India, spanning over six decades. Delve into the intricate web of bribery, bureaucracy, and a lack of accountability that has plagued the nation, affecting public finances, development, and the lives of its citizens.

Key HighlightsUnveiling India's Corruption Crisis
  • Transparency International's Findings: In 2005, Transparency International found that over 62% of Indians had resorted to bribing public officials at some point in their lives. This startling statistic reflects the depth of the corruption issue in the country.
  • India's Corruption Index: Despite efforts to combat corruption, India ranked at a concerning #85 out of 180 nations in Transparency International's 2022 Corruption Index. It highlights the persistent challenges in achieving a transparent and honest public sector.
Corruption's Multifaceted Impact
  • Stealing from Welfare Programs: Learn about the disturbing practice of public servants siphoning funds from welfare programs, exacerbating inequality and suffering for vulnerable populations.
  • Corruption in the Trucking Business: Explore the corrupt practices prevalent in India's trucking industry, where billions of rupees are exchanged in bribes at regulatory and police checkpoints along the vast interstates.
  • Swiss Bank Allegations: Delve into the intriguing rumors surrounding Indian citizens hiding millions of rupees in Swiss banks, a controversy that unfolded over the years and raised questions about accountability.
Systemic Factors Fueling Corruption
  • Complex Regulatory Landscape: Understand how an abundance of rules and regulations, coupled with a maze of tax and licensing requirements, creates an environment ripe for corruption.
  • Monopoly in Government-Controlled Goods and Services: Learn how the government's monopoly over certain goods and services contributes to corruption.
  • Lack of Openness in Legal Proceedings: Discover the challenges posed by a general lack of transparency in legal proceedings, which further perpetuates corruption.

A Historical Perspective on Crime and Injustice in India, 1947-2010 is an eye-opening account of India's struggle against corruption and injustice. It sheds light on the multifaceted challenges that have plagued the nation and hindered its progress. Through meticulous research and compelling storytelling, this book offers a critical examination of India's past and provides valuable insights for a brighter and more transparent future.

Order your copy today and embark on a journey through India's complex history of corruption and the quest for justice. Discover the stories that have shaped the nation and influenced its trajectory.

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  • Publisher: Elio Endless
  • Publish Date: Nov 3rd, 2023
  • Pages: 168
  • Language: English
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  • EAN: 9798868969362
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