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Book Cover for: A Novel Defense Against TCP SYN DDoS Attack in the Network, Foram Shaileshkumar Suthar

A Novel Defense Against TCP SYN DDoS Attack in the Network

Foram Shaileshkumar Suthar

The Internet revolution has changed everything. As per the data, the United State household now has 5.7 Internet-connected devices, majority are smartphone, laptops, and tablets which always comes with vulnerabilities. Thousands of devices are daily targeted by attacker over Internet. Total 92.6% accessed the Internet via mobile devices. The cyber-attacks are the exploitation of those vulnerabilities. Cyber-attacks are a set of instructions performed by unauthorized or external person to fetch and collect information of the organizations. The malware, denial of services attacks, identity-based attacks, IoT-based attacks etc. are the most famous attacks.

The DDoS attack is done to disrupt normal traffic by targeting websites, networks and servers with the downpour of Internet movement on the existing infrastructure. The DDoS attack is mainly performed by botnet devices. Because of the vulnerability or the weakness of the Internet-connected device, the system is targeted by the bot and the bot makes a connection with a malicious server. The command which is given by the attacker machine is followed by the botnet which causes a DDoS attack. Thousands of botnet devices target the server at the same time which causes the system to break. Because of that legitimate user is not getting a chance to access the services.

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  • Publisher: Mohammed Abdul Sattar
  • Publish Date: Feb 29th, 2024
  • Pages: 136
  • Language: English
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