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Book Cover for: A Translation of the New Philadelphia, Ae Reiff

A Translation of the New Philadelphia

Ae Reiff

This is not just an American thing, even if Jerusalem is Philadelphia. In the Jerudsalem Jerudsalem that is not Jerusalem, we call it Philadelphia the way matter-antimatter makes a home for Schrodinger.. The notes call these New Philadelphians physical angelic intelligences. Along the way we get reports from rabbis and Adam Smith..I'm sure you will understand in the end.
The Revelations of New Philadelphia imply a planet in the eyes of those who settled there. Its Hierophantic history comprises the thing we have been advised not to say, that all the facts are not known. This out post confronted their new environment by myth. The Revelation with dream and artifact insights the identity of the current players and their principalities of centaur, the rhinoceros class of Wittgenstein, the programmed failure of the Arab Spring and the whole United States as a Taurobolium, a new Behemoth of Leviathan colonies' new order. Put together like notes of a kind of scroll Jeremiah wrote about Babylon and threw in the Euphrates, New Philadelphia, addresses a kind of Babylon in the modern, a work to be read as absurd gestures of word delivering judgment by myth for and against the moralities spoken and unspoken. Like bits of aluminum in the air, presidents as centaurs, nations as tauroboliums and things we don't see like Rhinoceroses in the Room, vested with the vision like Virgil or the state of a world, or as Homer, we negate and affirm.

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