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Book Cover for: A Translation of the New Philadelphia, Ae Reiff

A Translation of the New Philadelphia

Ae Reiff

If it is possible to have a novel without a character so called, the character here is ourselves en masse, as a collective and a society of the world wherein certain mythological conflicts overwhelm. It is important not to spell these out but to let them creep into our consciousness as in fact they have done over the years. New Philadelphia is a colony, an out post inhabited by refugees confronted in their new environment not so much by nature but by myth. This is a record of their adaptions backgrounded by salient features of the first settling of Philadelphia by those mystics of the Wissahickon Creek as it passes through the gorge to merge with the Schuylkill River into the Delaware and then the sea. The series of transfers of water are like the transfers of culture from that old world the colonists abandoned to the new one they know nothing of. Who could know of it, inhabited by monsters worse than the Odyssey and with no heroes or overarching great cause like Helen or Troy or Truth. They thought they were reliving elements of the Odyssey, of descendants into hell or hades let us say, signature of that hero. In the beginning these obtuse recommendations questioned each others nerve. But the five microcosms did not notice either set of believers. Since the mystics were predominant, Leviathan was invited to introduce extreme oddities of topography. The majority patterned their lives and homes after this they saw in the stars and in the cosmos, if not actually in the sea, casting omens of earth and fire and trying to foretell the future, for all the good it did. They sacrificed to Poseidon out of the Greek, and Baal in the Hebrew, These contrasted with the harbor seal Baptists as they were called, who would begin speaking along the jetties and walks with their eyes closed and go so long that even after their audience had long departed they kept on with their antiphonies. They anointed themselves elders in a Council of Watchers to oppose the intrusion of their so called nemesis from the sky as much as Leviathan was the mystic nemesis from the sea.
There are many ways to offend those who have not seen cracks radiating from centers of implosion of fissures like Tycho in the Moon, colony craterlets, orbits of phyllotaxis, divergences perceptible as the shape Ohio once was, or became. It too existed after proof of finite intelligence at work, occurring passim, the a priori rendezvous-proving rule, circle down to circle for one who descends, crossings seen in the meeting-places of more than one canal. To call them canals is a faux pa from the planned obsolescence of intelligence that once existed, like thinking the world flat mistaking rivers for canals, spheroid for flat, to which people dug tracks and underground trains in their temples to convince themselves theirs was a perfect world. These tracks, taken apart, were not seen.

Every effort to conceal the one cell organism known as Mammon-Oranus intestine of money governed in Secret with its primitive media nerves, multilayered in a newfound. For you know the gut has a brain stimulating the tribes with "wow pulses," This *Stockholm-Munchhausen mosaic of tribes caught between the coasts of the present-day fabulous and history digest money, excrete money to displace processes of being. The Secret mind could produce these impulses on its own would gurgle would not be spoken full in words. Another generation of the scroll Jeremiah wrote against Babylon and threw in the Euphrates. The centaur, rhino, Taurobolium, Egyptian zodiac of the Behemoth and Leviathan colonies that Wittgenstein told of in codes of colors was already in the notes when I woke at 2 Am on Feb 5 and published it that day not really knowing why. A few days later after hearing the kick off https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=bA3uPIGweZQ and live feed from Asbury https: //livebeachcam.net/asbury-revival/ a counterpoint spirit of faith coming to pass

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