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Book Cover for: ABC Animal Rhymes, Janice Abernethy

ABC Animal Rhymes

Janice Abernethy

ABC Animal Rhymes: An Exploration from Armadillo to Xerus

Does your child harbor a boundless curiosity for creatures great and small? Does the name 'Numbat' pique their interest or does the word 'Xerus' draw a blank stare? With "ABC Animal Rhymes," venture into an enchanting world where every page promises a blend of whimsy, knowledge, and lyrical delight.

From the rollicking rhymes that dance off each page to the captivating illustrations that breathe life into every creature, this is not just a book-it's an adventure. One that commences with the curious Armadillo, leads through the lesser-known realms of Numbats and Xeruses, and concludes with zestful zeal.

The rhythmic sing-song cadences are not just melodious to the ear but are also patterned for a child's evolving cognition. As they grow, not only will they become adept at reciting the ABCs, but they'll also pick up fascinating tidbits about the animal kingdom and spruce up their vocabulary.

Art and literature marry in this book, with paintings so vivid and lifelike, they might just inspire your little Picasso. Every brush stroke tells a tale, beckoning young readers to immerse themselves in a world where creativity knows no bounds.

But that's not all!

Tech Edition Bonus: In this digital age, "ABC Animal Rhymes" goes a step further. Embedded QR codes pepper the pages, offering a window into short, engaging animal videos. Just a scan away, these videos not only showcase the animal in its natural habitat but also offer a narrative version of the rhyme. It's an immersive experience, marrying the charm of traditional books with the magic of technology.

In the end, "ABC Animal Rhymes" is not just a book. It's a keepsake, an educational tool, and a source of endless joy. Whether it kindles a love for reading, inspires artistic endeavors, or simply becomes a bedtime favorite, this book promises countless cherished moments. So, dive in, and let the animal escapade begin!

Book Details

  • Publisher: Professional Writers Help
  • Publish Date: Nov 1st, 2023
  • Pages: 58
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 11.00in - 8.50in - 0.16in - 0.45lb
  • EAN: 9781962108133
  • Categories: Animals - EndangeredAnimals - Zoos
Praise for this book

"My children, ages 3, 5, and 9 all love this book! It is their favorite and the first book they ask for at bedtime! My three year old is fascinated by the pictures, the rhymes and the patterns. My five year old loves the animal facts and the animal videos. My nine year old reads the book on his own and I often find him trying to find out more information about animals that fascinate him." Parent

"I love this book! And

of course the grandkids do also. The rhymes are so cute and kids can learn new

things about each animal. The illustrations are just so beautiful and colorful!

I'm going to order a few more to have on hand for gifts." Grandparent

"I really love this book!! The illustrations are adorable and the

rhymes are so cute!! My preschool students loved it!!" Preschool