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Book Cover for: Abdominal Exercises without Tools: Highest quality abdominal exercise program to develop strong abdominal muscles, flat stomach and six-pack, Bree Mia

Abdominal Exercises without Tools: Highest quality abdominal exercise program to develop strong abdominal muscles, flat stomach and six-pack

Bree Mia

Here are five good reasons to work out:
  • Your equilibrium will improve.
Whether you're balancing on one leg or your hands, the key to perfecting any yoga balance posture is to engage your core muscles. Improve your stability all around with ab exercises that target the core. That advantage will follow you even when you're not in a yoga class. Stronger abdominals will benefit you all day, not just at the gym, because we balance constantly (e.g., when climbing stairs).
  • Say goodbye to the slouch.
People often stoop over when using tablets and cellphones. You run the danger of slouching, which in turn increases your likelihood of experiencing back, shoulder, and neck pain. Strength training your abdominals will help you develop a stronger core and a more stable back. Straighten up, shoulders back! Your mother's dream of perfect posture for you will finally come true.
  • Your performance will improve across the board.
A strong core is probably going to be a part of whatever you're planning to do, unless you want to form an eye-rolling league (which we totally support). Ab strength allows you to transmit greater force to your legs in a variety of sports and activities, including golf, swimming, running, canoeing, and hiking. Jumping higher, paddling harder, or stepping up stronger are all possible now.
  • You'll be more effective at work.
Any job that requires you to bend over at the waist, whether it's operating a manufacturing machine or taking passengers on a plane, requires core strength training. People whose jobs require them to stand for long periods of time have a harder time than those whose jobs require them to sit for long periods of time. Everybody bends, lifts, and stretches to some extent. Repetitive motions at work might put a strain on your abs, but a good workout will help.
  • Your lifespan will be increased.
Having strong abdominal muscles may actually increase your lifespan, which sounds like a claim from a late-night miraculous product commercial. Mayo Clinic researchers found that compared to people with smaller waists, those with wider ones were more likely to die prematurely. It remained true regardless of the presence of additional risk factors such as smoking, lack of physical activity, and alcohol consumption. Do you think that ab exercises will help you stay fit in the future? It could be worth trying.

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