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Book Cover for: Absolute Empowerment, Frank Fracasso

Absolute Empowerment

Frank Fracasso

In the script Absolute Empowerment, the author proposes a different success strategy. It is a special approach that narrows focus on one prime metric. That key measure is found where absolute forces of Nature reside. It is a place in which clarity of truth is seen and qualified through energy. This energy-centric realm of reality serves as a bedrock for mining favorable outcomes. It is, in essence, a spiritual temple meant to assist aspirants who wish to achieve life's many rewards. He/she uses this venue to consult with an innate introspective oracle when seeking directions, making decisions and taking actions. Energy induces change from moment to moment. We either adjust to the evolving patterns after regular consultation with our core sage, or we are left behind to face consequences.

Clarity through application of absolute truth will help you formulate the proper personal behavior. Vivid reality becomes your compass to use in navigating through life's many twists and turns. It is wise for us to explore these supreme dynamics; learn to respect them, and adopt ways of being served by them. The evidence put forward can convince you that the inner mind, which controls our personal behavior, is a process that is being regulated by a peculiar commanding force. Its furious and cunning movements are covert. They can only be revealed and tracked through psycho-physics perspective; a novel probing model developed by the book's author over thirty-years-ago. Without this full-view observation lens, we can remain clueless forever as to where our self-defeating habits comes from. If we stray from absolute reality, we are bound for the road to stagnation. The insights you gain into powers that rule your personal life are extraordinary and rarely detected. For certain, you will want to spot and seize on the strong options available to you. In this dominant domain, you can secure your valued targets.

Mastery of the psycho-physical process will allow you to capture the real power to achieve specified dreams. Not only you will comprehend how personal behavior works more fully. But you will also easily make transitions to energy-conforming manners. These necessary changes will help you to attain and hold onto cherished prizes. Without these required adjustments, the dynamics influencing your life's pursuits will remain evasive and likely an opponent.

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  • Publisher: Frank Fracasso
  • Publish Date: Feb 16th, 2024
  • Pages: 168
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 9.00in - 6.00in - 0.39in - 0.56lb
  • EAN: 9798224870264
  • Categories: Motivational & InspirationalPersonal Growth - SuccessInspiration & Personal Growth

About the Author

Fracasso, Frank: -

Frank Fracasso was born and grew up on a small farm in Fontechiari, Frosinone, Italy (a town 80 miles southeast of Rome). At age six, the bare-footed grammar school student had already become a multi-tasker. Frank's family gave him several jobs including shepherding a herd of sheep in the meadows and escorting a gang of domesticated turkeys roaming for food. At other times, there were opportunities for him to gather wild asparagus and mushroom to derive an income from vending the pickings.

Market day on Sundays was a welcomed break to sell the found produce. Taken by the hand and shoe-less, he would journey with mom on foot to Sora, a bustling city on the Liri Riverbanks; and go directly to the open market square. This is where young Frank witnessed the impressionable art of negotiating and selling. His mother was skilled at getting her price; and so were buyers adept at haggling cost.

Just before turning twelve, now affording a pair of footwear, he immigrated to the US and settled in urban Jersey City, NJ.

Although his career started as a cosmetic chemist, Frank veered off to selling housewares out of the trunk of his station wagon. It became apparent to him from the Sora market experiences that his calling was to be a salesman. He immersed himself in that profession which is predicated on continual personal development.

His sales talents gained him employment from technology companies like ABB Taylor, Schneider Modicon, Analog Devices, Texas Instruments and Kanematsu USA. He eventually became an entrepreneur and runs his Fracasso Enterprises business to date.

Coupled with learning from motivational experts, history, science and philosophy books, the pensive individual sought to advance the self-discovery process. Through personal insights and tireless research, the upstart author homed in on a novel energy-conforming approach to personal and commercial success. He soon compiled the ground-breaking energy realities that influence individual progress or stagnation. His script entitled ABSOLUTE EMPOWERMENT is one-of-a-kind. Its content gives a full picture of the previously obscured driver of people's thoughts, aspirations and actions. With this newly edited publication, readers can improve themselves in balancing multiple core values and achieving total success in their lives.