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Book Cover for: Accessing Help from the Holy Spirit: Strategies for Piloting Life's Journey with Ease, Apostle Joshua Selman

Accessing Help from the Holy Spirit: Strategies for Piloting Life's Journey with Ease

Apostle Joshua Selman

Divine Guidance is not a myth-it's a reality. I'm offering you access to the transformative power of the Holy Spirit in your everyday life with Accessing Help from the Holy Spirit. This insightful book provides a practical guide to tapping into divine assistance, offering strategies to navigate life's challenges with confidence and ease. Whether you're seeking spiritual growth, clarity of purpose, or empowerment, this book is your essential companion.

We rise in this Kingdom by and through our access to light. It takes more than a desire to rise; we must access high-level spiritual illumination.

Psalm 18:29 says,
"For by Thee, I have run through a troop, and by my God, I have leaped over a wall."

If you remove "For by thee" and "by my God," this is how that statement should be read: "I have run through a troop; I have leaped over a wall." That would sound like a man's ability, a man's excellency.
The Psalmist is saying that if you ever see me run through a troop and you ever see me leap over a wall, make no mistakes about it-there is an agency that was outsourced beyond man's ability.
Many times, in our world, we do not like to read the first three words because it is always very marketable to give a picture of invincibility and human power. It looks very disappointing when you express the semblance of weakness with respect to God's power. We usually would like to take credit for the exploits that we do as humans. But here is a very wise man not only telling you his exploits but connecting the basis for it: "For by Thee, I have run through a troop."

There are so many who wonder why the Holy Spirit cannot do much for and in them, it is because they are approaching God from a standpoint of strength and sufficiency and the Holy Spirit is so gentle that your voice is a pride that can drive him away. That is the reason why He uses men who are weak and ordinary men who do not have the comeliness that you may think should be desired so that you can see the differences between a man and a man helped by God.

Benefits You'll Gain:

  • Enhanced Spiritual Awareness: Learn to recognize and respond to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, ensuring you are always in tune with God's will for your life.
  • Practical Empowerment: Equip yourself with strategies to overcome obstacles and thrive in various aspects of your life, from personal growth to professional success.
  • Deepened Prayer Life: Discover powerful prayers for help and salvation that bring you closer to God and unleash divine intervention in your circumstances.
Key Features:
  • Insightful Revelations: Gain deep insights into the mind of God, learning how to interpret and act on divine messages to fulfill your purpose.
  • Divine Guidance: Receive practical advice on discerning and following the Holy Spirit's direction in every area of your life, ensuring you stay on the right path.
  • Supernatural Empowerment: Learn how to access the Holy Spirit's power to overcome challenges, achieve your goals, and manifest your God-given potential.
Don't wait another moment. Embrace this access available to you and start piloting your life's journey with ease. Get your copy of Accessing Help from the Holy Spirit today and unlock the supernatural assistance that will elevate every aspect of your life!

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