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Book Cover for: Actions and activism creates successes: Actions and activism must be developed, Gheorghe Cornel Ardelean

Actions and activism creates successes: Actions and activism must be developed

Gheorghe Cornel Ardelean

Efficient and effective activism action helps usachieve:1. Personal goals2. More successful3. What we want in life4. Obtaining and maintaining employment5. Achieving and maintaining a happy marriage6. Training and development of a personalityas strong, beautiful and effective7. Etc.Only effective action helps us achieve successand personal goals.Actions to be effective must be planned, organized correctly.We through perseverance, will, efficiency, experience, theoretical knowledge effectively toachieve more and more action more effective andoperational.We must live as a personal goal as priorityactions to achieve more effective and operativetimes.5Effective and positive activism helps a lot toachieve more effective and more positive action.Effective positive actions and positiveactivism effectively helps us maintain health andprevent illness.Positive activism effectively be supported, appreciated, respected and rewarded.AGC ideas and thoughts in this book andothers to come help a lot to achieve effectivepositive action to develop effective continuouspositive activism and therefore to achieve personalgoals and what we want in life.Please write me how you have helped theseideas.The money invested in this book of mine andthe others that follow it is worth it, and it is almostnothing comparing to the pozitive efects that thisbook can have in your life, by applying the ideas toyour life.This volumes must be bought and used dayby day, in order to development your personalityand to the accomplish of all that you want.These books contain lots of pozitive, optimist, creative, dinamic ideas, that push you toaction, to thinking, things that are necesary yourdaily life and to accomplish your personalobjecti

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  • Publish Date: Apr 20th, 2010
  • Pages: 302
  • Language: English
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About the Author

Gheorghe Cornel Ardelean was born on March 11.1954 in place Macea, Arad Country Romania Graduate of Economic University, Craiova Romania 1979-1989 Economist and Chief Economist and sales Department In 1990-founding member of the first Parliament of Romania after the Revolution of 1989 in PCNU (Provisional Council of National Unity) 1992 - Independent candidate for deputy in the Romanian Parliament, Chamber of Deputies 1992-1996 Advisor to the Arad Country Council as an independent adviser 1992-1996 President of the Commission trade, tourism, services advise Arad Country Council 1990-2002 Director, manager of private companies wholesale 1980 - Philosopher and author books. 300 1980 He published 118 books, articles in publications, of which 50 English books and 68 books in Romanian In 2009 - Member and Coordinator of Department programs, projects and activities of the non-profit. International Organisation Cornel Gheorghe Ardelean (OIAGC) As a thought on long-term, positive, constructive, open, creative, humanistic, etc. It has a great ability to create so many positive ideas and solutions, constructive, humanist, creative, helpful people to achieve what they want. Thinking and ideas sustain and promote the rights of children, women, all people in the world, positive thinking and ideas, constructive, humanistic, tolerante, progressive, understanding and peace between peoples and nations.