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Book Cover for: Alcoholic Drink Is Not Sin: Christian Ethic, Scribe of Christ

Alcoholic Drink Is Not Sin: Christian Ethic

Scribe of Christ

This book was not written to combat alcoholism. But the lying preaching of Christian leaders who say that drinking wine, beer, or other alcoholic beverages is a sin. Nothing more liar. Only sick minds can think this way after reading the Bible. The Bible glorifies wine as a blessed drink. The wine represents the blood of Jesus. Wine was the first product of the earth after the new post-flood world. Turning water into wine was Jesus' first miracle. But it is not only wine that the Bible blesses. In Old Testament worship oblations were offered to God, which consisted of pouring alcohol on the altar in sacrifice to God. Wine was for Jews, what coffee is for Brazilians, and what sandwich is for Americans. When I see theologians and pastors advocating the compulsory abstinence of alcohol, I only understand by two biases: The supreme ignorance of the Bible, for these people walk with the Bible under their arm, but do not even know what is written in it ... And secondly Instead the intellectual dishonesty that characterizes human beings, who instead of seeking the truth, prefer to defend their ideological positions, using in bad faith, creating versions for facts and truths. As for sin and the severity of alcoholism, I will deal with it in another volume.

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