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Book Cover for: Applied Embedded Electronics: Design Essentials for Robust Systems, Jerry Twomey

Applied Embedded Electronics: Design Essentials for Robust Systems

Jerry Twomey

Embedded controller electronics are at the heart of virtually all modern electronic devices today with a market of more than $86 billion per year and growing. To serve the needs of designers creating products for this huge market, this practical book covers topics crucial for modern electronics design.

Author Jerry Twomey examines the methods necessary to help you create a trouble-free integrated system for your product, with an emphasis on hardware design. You'll explore topics from the perspective of real-world applications, including discussions about non-ideal components, noise, and methods for avoiding problematic scenarios.

Topics include:

  • Ideal versus actual connections, components, digital, signals
  • Architecting an embedded system
  • Digital interface selection by application, speed, distance
  • Multivoltage power supplies
  • High frequency power integrity
  • Battery and charging systems
  • EMI reduction and ESD protection
  • Driving and sensing peripherals
  • Digital feedback control
  • Optimization of power consumption and cost
  • Specialty systems: medical, industrial, aerospace
  • PCB design including manufacturability, yield, and low noise

This book guides you through all of the techniques listed, which are required for a reliable integrated system. Through extensive illustrations and minimal equations, anyone with an interest in electronics will quickly grasp the ideas discussed.

Book Details

  • Publisher: O'Reilly Media
  • Publish Date: Dec 19th, 2023
  • Pages: 500
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 0.00in - 0.00in - 0.00in - 0.00lb
  • EAN: 9781098144791
  • Categories: Hardware - Cell Phones & DevicesNetworking - HardwareHardware - Printers, Scanners & External Accessories

About the Author

Twomey, Jerry: - Jerry Twomey has designed many consumer, medical, aerospace, and commercial products. This includes: high speed data communication, satellite chipsets, medical instrumentation, cell phones, RF devices, and others. His focus is non-digital electronics, namely those areas where the biggest challenges are. With a breadth of experience designing ICs, PCBs and systems, he has developed the design techniques necessary for reliable electronics.

Jerry has authored multiple trade magazine publications that provide solutions for common electronic design problems. That series of articles became the catalyst for a book that provides a clear-cut methodology to design problem free systems. Beyond design, Jerry teaches seminars in embedded systems, IC design, EMC, and medical technology. Positions held include: Chair IEEE SD Solid State Circuits, Lecturer UCSD ECE Graduate Studies, Chair IEEE SD Microwave Theory and Techniques, Reviewer IEEE Journal of Solid State Circuits, Reviewer IEEE Journal of Microwave Theory and Techniques, and Instructor UCSD Extension.