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Book Cover for: Audio Steganography Using Combined Approach of Compression & Cryptography, Anju Gera

Audio Steganography Using Combined Approach of Compression & Cryptography

Anju Gera

The primary means of communication in today's digital world is the internet, whose characteristics are secrecy, privacy, confidentiality, and authentication. Among the most common methods for securely sending and receiving data are steganography and cryptography. Both of these techniques are fundamental components of information security, even though they work differently. Security of critical information and privacy, as well as the security of individual user transactions over open networks has become not only a necessity but also something that has grown more and more significant. The scope of applications of information and multimedia security research has expanded dramatically in recent years.

Confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity are the goals of information security. Since not all information is of equal importance and is likely to be attacked by unauthorized parties, security requirements and procedures must be tailored accordingly. It is necessary to follow highly secure procedures and assign different levels of priority to authorized parties for highly secret data, such as in the case of government, military, and banking. However, security is primarily concerned with preventing the unauthorized use of resources in academic and scientific applications.

Steganography hides secret data from third parties, while cryptography prevents outsiders from reading the information. As far as highly secret information is concerned, the government, military, and banking sectors require extremely secure procedures, and they assign different levels of priority to authorized parties according to their level of responsibility. Security is primarily concerned with preventing unauthorized access to resources in academic and scientific environments. Steganography is a method that aims to achieve resilience, transparency, and conceal ability.

Embedding is a method of enclosing a message with a stego key that is the same for transmitter and receiver. This output gives a stego sound. At their receiver side, the inserted text is recovered from the cover audio using the stego key.

Different steganography techniques utilize images, text, and audio, video, and network protocols. In contrast to the Human Auditory System, which is more sensitive to distortions in audio cover files, the Human Visual System is less sensitive to image alteration. As a result of this, it is considered as a source of motivation for researchers to develop new methods of audio steganography. Steganography techniques are primarily concerned with image steganography schemes, rather than audio steganography schemes.

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  • Publisher: Mohammed Abdul Sattar
  • Publish Date: Dec 17th, 2023
  • Pages: 112
  • Language: English
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