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Marjorie Benton Cooke

"Professor James Parkhurst, I consider you a colossal failure as an educator," said Francesca, his daughter, known to friend and family as Bambina, or Bambi for short. Professor Parkhurst lifted a startled face from his newspaper and surveyed his only child across the breakfast table. "My dear, what causes this sweeping assertion of my incompetence?" "I do! I do! Just what did you expect me to do when I grew up?" "Why, to be happy." "That's the profession you intended me for? Who's to pay the piper? It's expensive to be happy and also unlucrative." "I have always expected to support you until your husband claimed that privilege." "Suppose I want a husband who can't support me?" "Dear me, that would be unfortunate. It is the first duty of a husband to support his wife." "Old-fashioned husbands, yes-but not modern ones. Lots of men marry to be supported nowadays. How on earth could I support the man I love?" "You are not without talents, my dear." "Talents? You almost said accomplishments! If you were not living in the Pliocene age, Professor James Parkhurst, you would know that accomplishments are a curse-accomplishment is the only thing that counts. I can sing a little, play the piano a little, auction bridge a good deal; I can cook, and sew fancy things. The only thing I can do well is to dance, and no real man wants to be supported by his wife's toes." The Professor smiled mirthlessly. "Is this a general discussion, or are you leading to a specific point, Bambi?" he inquired.

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  • Publisher: Blurb
  • Publish Date: Apr 12nd, 2024
  • Pages: 284
  • Language: English
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