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Book Cover for: Be a Great Thinker - Aristotle: The Philosopher's Philosopher, Adrienne Roth

Be a Great Thinker - Aristotle: The Philosopher's Philosopher

Adrienne Roth

There is no doubt that at one time or another, you have heard the name, Aristotle. You may have heard much praise for him. You may have seen how others have admired his philosophies and concepts and thereby consider him one of the greatest minds of all time. You might have wondered to yourself what all the fuss was about. Why do so many people feel so strongly about this particular ancient Greek philosopher?

In book four of the Be a Great Thinker Series, we will examine who Aristotle was, what made him such a great mind, and why he remains such a powerful and influential force to this day.

There is much to reflect on Aristotle, his philosophies, his concepts, what he taught, and whom he influenced. He was the student of the great ancient Greek philosopher Plato and became one of the most significant teachers of all time. He was the father of many disciplines and sciences such as Zoology, Logic, Metaphysics, and Political Science. He inspired a multitude of philosophers, scholars, theologians, writers, and politicians, all of whom based their ideologies on his teachings and concepts. He seemed to touch all societies, no matter their culture, in one form or another, throughout the last couple of millennia. He put his stamp on so many things, it is almost hard to fathom the extent of it. It is why he is still so revered and respected to this day.

Take the journey with us to discover the philosopher Aristotle. Who was he? What did he discover? What were his concepts? How did his influence and his mind affect and change the world? And in taking the journey with us, you may discover the great thinker in you, and learn why Aristotle is truly the Philosopher's Philosopher.

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