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Book Cover for: Beach House Mysteries 1-3, Victoria Lk Williams

Beach House Mysteries 1-3

Victoria Lk Williams

Discover the enthralling Beach House Mysteries box set, where murder, mermaid legends, and a malevolent sea witch collide to create an unforgettable saga.

In "Mist at the Beach House," Morgan Seaver is drawn back to Pearl Island by tragedy, only to find herself the prime suspect in her aunt's murder. Enveloped by a protective mist and accompanied by a mystical kitten, Morgan must unearth her family's secretive past tied to mermaid lore and an ancient conflict with a vindictive sea witch. The key to the murder, and her family's history, lies deep within the island's enigmatic legends.

"Mist Across the Waves" plunges Morgan into the depths of her fear of the ocean when a birthday celebration at sea turns deadly. A second murder implicates the sea witch Cora, who schemes to lure salvage divers with the sea's treacherous gifts. With the assistance of new allies and the enigmatic Colbright sisters, Morgan navigates through Cora's deceptions, unearthing Pearl Island's concealed history and the Seaver family's role in it. The battle of wits with the sea witch tests Morgan's resolve: will she prevail or will Cora's malice emerge victorious?

In the series' gripping conclusion, "Mist by the Lighthouse," a new threat endangers Pearl Island's coral reefs, intertwined with a fresh murder and the sinister network of offshore drug smuggling. Morgan forges an uneasy truce with her former nemesis, Cora, to confront this peril. As the island's tranquility is shattered, and with the arrival of the inquisitive Cordelia, Morgan faces her greatest challenge yet. She must navigate treacherous waters, both literal and metaphorical, to thwart Cora's ultimatum and restore peace to her beloved island.

Embark on Morgan's journey as she faces the tides of danger and discovery, where every wave whispers secrets of the past and every misty shore holds the promise of truth. Will Morgan's courage be enough to protect her island and unravel the mysteries that lie "In Mist at the Beach House"?

Book Details

  • Publisher: Sun, Sand & Stories Publishing
  • Publish Date: Mar 15th, 2024
  • Pages: 540
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 9.00in - 6.00in - 1.09in - 1.57lb
  • EAN: 9798224288700
  • Categories: Mystery & Detective - Cozy - ParanormalMystery & Detective - Women SleuthsFantasy - Paranormal

About the Author

Williams, Victoria Lk: -

Cozy Mysteries with a Tropical Twist!

Welcome to the charming world of Victoria LK Williams, a USA Today Best-Selling Author who crafts cozy mysteries with a delightful tropical twist. Set in the quaint corners of small town Florida, her stories are a blend of intrigue, humor, maybe a touch of romance, always accompanied by a loyal pet or two. Whether it's the enchanting adventures of her paranormal series or the inviting mysteries of her traditional cozies, Victoria's tales are your escape to a place where friendships flourish and every mystery is full of twists and turns.

From her sunny Florida home, flanked by her two vigilant cats, Miss Marple and Fletch, Victoria plots her mysteries. Thes feline companions might be pondering the plot's new twist or simply enjoying the view from the desk, but they're always there for the creative process. Outside of writing, Victoria enjoys needlepoint, reading and strolls around Lake Henry, plotting the next clue with every step.

With her husband of 45+ years, Victoria shares a love of gardening, their joint efforts culmination in a handbook for Florida Gardeners. Now, as retirees, the couple enjoys the quiet life, allowing Victoria endless time to weave her plots and puzzles.

Dive into Victoria LK Williams' cozy universe with her series; Citrus Beach Mysteries, Beach House Mysteries, Storm Voices, Professor Higgins Investigates, Hibiscus Cove Cozies, Milo's Mysteries, Sister Station, Mrs. Avery's Adventures and the upcoming Return to Citrus Beach in 2024.

Join Victoria on a journey shrouded in mystery as each story draws you into a community where secrets linger, friends await and pets are never just bystanders.

Visit her website to learn more about her new and upcoming books. Be sure to drop a line; she loves to hear from her readers!