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Book Cover for: Beasley's Christmas Party, Booth Tarkington

Beasley's Christmas Party

Booth Tarkington

"Beasley's Christmas Party" is a novel written by Booth Tarkington, an American author and two-time Pulitzer Prize winner for his novels "The Magnificent Ambersons" and "Alice Adams." The book was first published in 1909 and is considered a classic work of American literature.

The story is set in a small Midwestern town and centers around the character of Theophilus Beasley, a wealthy and eccentric man. Beasley decides to host a Christmas party for the residents of the town, despite being somewhat reclusive and known for his peculiarities. This decision brings together a diverse group of people, including friends, neighbors, and townsfolk, each with their own quirks and idiosyncrasies.

The novel explores the dynamics of this gathering and the interactions between the various guests. It delves into themes of community, social class, and the human spirit, especially during the festive holiday season.

Beasley's Christmas party serves as a backdrop for Tarkington to examine the complexities of human relationships and the universal desire for connection and goodwill. Booth Tarkington's writing is characterized by a keen understanding of human nature and a skillful portrayal of small-town life in America.

"Beasley's Christmas Party" reflects his ability to create memorable characters and capture the essence of the American Midwest during the early 20th century. The novel has been appreciated for its heartwarming and nostalgic portrayal of the holiday season and remains a beloved work in the canon of American literature. It's a tale that celebrates the spirit of Christmas and the importance of coming together, even with all our individual quirks and differences.

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  • Publish Date: Nov 15th, 2023
  • Pages: 46
  • Language: English
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