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Book Cover for: Becoming The New You.., Michael Schwartz N. D.

Becoming The New You..

Michael Schwartz N. D.

Becoming the New You...The You You Want to Be is a method and technique book for growing Self to its highest level. Wherever you are today is the result of being, for the most part, on who you think you should be. All of us have hopes, dreams and expectations placed upon us. Some of those "expectations" are energetically felt by the child as it is developing in the womb. As the child is absorbing these different energetic feelings it is making associations with them. These feelings grow into the concepts we have today. They were given form and function through our observations and listening to our parents. They were/are our role models. We are either like them, or the exact opposite. Which ever path is taken, has certain concepts as its foundation. Both harmonious and inharmonious. It is those concepts that drive us today! It is those concepts that have created the patterns of behavior we are experiencing today! And NONE of it is who we would like to be!

In order to Become the You You Want to Be, you must first KNOW who you are from a patternistic, and then, conceptual, point of view.

This work address's identifying which particular patterns of behavior you are currently employing in your daily life. Some of which work against you and are preventing you from growing and moving forward. Patterns of behavior flow in cycles which is why "history repeats itself." This is also very true for your personal history. There are situations you said you would never be in again, and yet... There are over 30 individual detrimental patterns of behavior. The guidance provided within the pages takes you through learning to thinking, hearing and seeing the pattern in action with all of its subtleties. Additionally, you will learn how to hear when a concept is triggered sending a pattern into action. You will also learn to see the "expectation" that is an integral part of every pattern. The expectation is the end result of every pattern. It is what the patterns are designed to do, fulfill the expectation thus validating the concept that created it as being true, even when it is not! Even though the concept may be very limiting and the pattern works against you. There are suggestions on "programming" to use to gain control over those detrimental patterns and concepts. And of course, there are specific questions suggested to ask in each Self. That way you get to see the concept and pattern and how it is woven throughout your total Self.

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  • Publisher: Center for Universal Teachings Applied, Inc.
  • Publish Date: Aug 15th, 2023
  • Pages: 174
  • Language: English
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  • EAN: 9798986824925
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