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Book Cover for: Beginning of Tomorrows, CL LaVigne

Beginning of Tomorrows

CL LaVigne

"Four magicians will restore peace to the world, vanquish the Yfel Brethren, and clear the way for the Chronicle to ascend to the throne."

- The Cererian Prophecy

The Nine Muses protected a sacred secret for decades.

Cloaked to outsiders, the Kemp estate sheltered four orphans--the lone survivors of family massacres. These murderous attacks were commanded by Stygian, the Cererian leader of the evil Yfel Brethren.

Not ordinary humans, these children possess supernatural abilities and are descended from powerful shamans, leaders of ancient families who existed thousands of years ago. Benevolent Cererians shepherded the youngsters to The Nine Muses because the sanctuary was built upon granite and the convergence of ley lines, making it an impenetrable fortress.

Almost impenetrable.

Stygian has an insatiable hunger for magical powers. When he kills supernatural souls, he feeds upon their magic which magnifies his own abilities. The more powerful the wizard he kills, the more magic he can draw into his body.

Now he hunts Hilly Kemp, a Firewalker witch.

Much more than a human magician, Hilly carries Cererian DNA in her blood making her almost as powerful as Stygian.

Stygian follows Hilly to The Nine Muses where she joins her adult siblings to mourn the death of their adoptive parents. During the will reading, they discover the truth about their ancient families, their extraordinary magical abilities, and the prediction of The Cererian Prophecy.

The Kemp siblings are the chosen ones.

The Kemps have no choice but to band together, hoping their combined powers will vanquish Stygian. The evil being arrives cloaked in a monstrous storm, determined to kill them all and consume their mystical powers.

With swords drawn, the Kemps face the beast.

A sacrifice must be made, but by whom?

Book Details

  • Publisher: CL LaVigne
  • Publish Date: Apr 21st, 2023
  • Pages: 246
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 9.00in - 6.00in - 0.52in - 0.74lb
  • EAN: 9781732293359
  • Categories: Magical RealismFantasy - ParanormalFantasy - Contemporary

About the Author

LaVigne, CL: -

Born in Alaska and raised in England, my stories reflect the people and places I've encountered throughout my life: from the homeless man in Oklahoma to the whispering ghosts in an English mausoleum to Josephine the crow who is with me at all times.

I'm an Elemental Specialist and I love bringing the Elementals to life in the pages of my books.