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Book Cover for: Behavioral Economic Theory Solves Consumer Problems, Johnny Ch Lok

Behavioral Economic Theory Solves Consumer Problems

Johnny Ch Lok

Globalization e-commerceDevelopment bringsChina " one belt, one roadStrategy" advantagesGlobalization can bring China " one belt, one road strategy" global social economic advantages, such as China's 21 St. century " one belt, one road strategy. It aims to bring the different Asia countries, even Western countries' business cooperation more easily after it had built high speed railway to go to different countries which had road transport to link to China on land. So, in long term benefits, China businessmen can cooperate to these participative "one belt, one road strategy businessmen to carry on buying and selling their unique products from road transport conveniently. Even, e-commerce can bring important economic advantages to influence this " one belt, one road strategy " in success. I shall explain the reasons that why e-commerce can bring business advantages to them as below: China's "one belt, one road strategy " aims to achieve the global world share GNP 55%, as well as global consumer number of 77% and global energy saves 75%. Instead of existing trading investment, China also compromises to provide US one hundred billion dollar of basic facility fund, central Asia one belt, one road strategy fund of forty billion US dollar to invest this "one belt, one road strategy" of long term business development. I believe that it seems that China only hopes to build railway facility and encourage the participative countries to build factories to invest to do businesses between China and these countries as well as create jobs to solve China unemployment ratio, but in fact, I believe that China will apply e-commerce technology to assist its businessmen to do online trading more easily. I shall indicate the reasons to explain that why e-commerce and China 's one belt, one road strategy, they have close economic growth of case and effect relationship.China will be only one globalization main essential " one belt, one road strategy" country to control all participative countries' businessmen activities and China can help the excess of developing countries' economic development in the same tie. In fact, internet can assist China's future economic development. The reason is that I believe that when China's " one belt, one road strategy " can develop to succeed. It can encourage many " one belt, one road strategy" participative countries businessmen to be persuaded to apply internet technology to do e-commerce in the same time after the railway transport facilities are built to let all of these participative countries businessmen can transport their products to their cities from road transport more easily and rapidly. So, it can being short time product transport advantages when the participative country's consumers buy the product from the online platform as well as the product can be delivered to his home from railway transport rapidly. So, e-commerce and railway transport has close relationship to cause this business activities in success. For example, one Asia "one belt, one road strategy country's participative businessman, he can apply e-commerce technology to sell its products to Western countries, e.g. US, UK online clients in short time rapidly.

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