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Book Cover for: Beyond the Scars: Navigating Personal Growth After Trauma, Lisa M. Wineburg

Beyond the Scars: Navigating Personal Growth After Trauma

Lisa M. Wineburg

Hardback with Dust Jacket

"Beyond the Scares: Unlock the Power of Post-Traumatic Growth."

Unlock Your Journey of Healing and Empowerment with Dr. Lisa M. Wineburg's "Beyond the Scares: Navigating Personal Growth After Trauma"

Navigate through the aftermath of trauma with grace and strength. Dr. Lisa M. Wineburg, an esteemed trauma survivor and mental health professional, brings you a comprehensive guide that intertwines her personal story of resilience with transformative psychological insights. This book is a lighthouse for anyone lost in the storm of their past, illuminating the way to not just survive, but thrive.

Inside "Beyond the Scares," you'll discover:

- Personal Narratives of Triumph: Dr. Wineburg shares her compelling journey, providing a relatable roadmap for overcoming adversity.

- Practical Healing Strategies: Equip yourself with trauma-informed exercises and resilience-building techniques to catalyze your healing.

- Tools for Emotional Wellness: Learn how to harness the power of post-traumatic growth and rewrite your life's narrative.

- Psychological Insights for Recovery: Delve into expert psychological perspectives that underpin the trauma recovery process.

- Guidance on Rebuilding Identity: Find out how to reclaim your sense of self and emerge from your experience stronger and wiser.

Embrace the Path to Post-Traumatic Growth:

"Beyond the Scares" is an essential addition to the library of anyone looking to transform the pain of their past into the power of their future. With Dr. Wineburg's guidance, rise above your experiences to unlock a level of personal growth you never thought possible.

- For trauma survivors seeking empowerment

- For mental health professionals seeking resources for clients

- For anyone ready to convert adversity into strength

Take the First Step Towards Your Rebirth:

Don't let your scars define you. Allow them to empower you. Click 'Buy Now' and start turning the pages of your new life with "Beyond the Scares: Unlock the Power of Post-Traumatic Growth."

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Book Details

  • Publisher: Skinny Brown Dog Media
  • Publish Date: May 31st, 2024
  • Pages: 152
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 9.00in - 6.00in - 0.38in - 0.79lb
  • EAN: 9781957506982
  • Categories: Women's StudiesIndigenous Mental Health & HealingPost-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

About the Author

Wineburg, Lisa M.: - Dr. Lisa M. Wineburg is a licensed therapist specializing in trauma and PTSD, dedicated to guiding individuals through their most challenging experiences towards recovery and empowerment. She is the founder of New Beginnings Behavioral Health Service, where she implements her extensive expertise to help those in need start anew. Dr. Wineburg launched The Butterfly Effect Trauma Response & Treatment Foundation, a nonprofit aimed at providing critical support and innovative treatments for trauma survivors. Her commitment to the field of trauma extends into her academic pursuits; holds a doctoral degree from Tulane University, and has researched the effects of repeated trauma exposure.In "Beyond the Scares," Dr. Wineburg shares her profound insights into the journey of healing from trauma, offering readers not only strategies for recovery but also hope for a brighter, resilient future. Join her as she paves the way to personal transformation, where past pain is turned into tomorrow's strength.