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Book Cover for: Biblical Citations from A Course in Miracles, Emmanuel M. Viriña

Biblical Citations from A Course in Miracles

Emmanuel M. Viriña

As the title denotes, this book Biblical Citations from A Course in Miracles is a compilation of Biblical references and verses as contained from another book called A Course in Miracles. The latter book is a self-study book on Christianity and how to practice it. It was written by Drs. Helen Schucman and William Thetford, former Professors of Medical Psychology at Columbia University's College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City. They could have claimed authorship to it but instead called themselves the "scribes" because of the manner in which the contents of the book came to them. The main scribe Dr. Schucman claimed that she received the contents through an "inner dictation" from the "Voice" she believed to be that of Jesus Christ. The contents were received and noted by her and then typed by Dr. Thetford as they were read to him in the office. It took them seven and a half years to complete the Course.

This book (Biblical Citations from A Course in Miracles) is one way of introducing the Course to readers with the familiar Bible verses as entry points. The quotes from the Course are mostly in paragraphs so the reader would have the proper context and idea on what is being discussed. Have a read and find out whether the Course is really channelled materials from Jesus Christ.

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  • Publisher: Emmanuel M. Virina
  • Publish Date: Nov 17th, 2023
  • Pages: 404
  • Language: English
  • Edition: Mini Version - 0002
  • Dimensions: 9.00in - 6.00in - 0.83in - 1.19lb
  • EAN: 9780994584953
  • Categories: The Message - StudyInspiration & Personal GrowthChristian Living - Spiritual Growth

About the Author

Viriña, Emmanuel M.: - I and my young family came to Australia in late 1987 as sponsored by my wife's sister. It took me a while to find a job here because of lack of local experience and my work from the Philippines was on management. Eventually, I was taken in by the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) as a programmer primarily because of my experience with Wang computers and its Word processing software which were used by that Office at that time.The Commonwealth DPP is a good employer. It is a government agency established to prosecute crimes against the laws of Australia. Given this role it also ensures that the Australian laws are also implemented in its work environment. Thus, it embraces multi-cultural and equal-employment opportunity laws and principles. I was welcomed and accepted as a new employee my background. There were challenges and adaptations at the start but overall, I think I did well having ended up working there for more than 17 years. Life had been good and comfortable then.I was enjoying my professional and family life when illness struck. I pride myself on leading a healthy life by eating healthy food and exercising regularly. But despite these and out of the blue I suddenly experienced episodes of uncontrollable rapid heartbeats ("ventricular tachycardia or VT" in medical parlance) which required my heart being zapped by a defibrillator to bring it back to normal rhythm. The doctors could not explain the cause but anyhow performed several medical procedures and prescribed a number of medications to fix the problem. Though these minimized the occurrence of the episodes, they did not totally eliminate them. In the end, an internal defibrillator (AICD) was inserted in my chest which automatically kicks in when episodes occur.I had trusted the medical profession during all these treatments and in my part, I reduced my workload from the Office by working part time. I was thinking then that a three-day a week work might reduce the strain and stress on me physically, emotionally and mentally. But despite all these the uncontrollable arrhythmia still kept on happening so in 2005 after a major episode occurred where I ended up in the ICU, out of frustration or probably depression, I requested a redundancy from the Office and quitted my job. I was thinking then that probably I needed a complete break from what I was doing to help cure my illness and at the same time look for alternative treatments. I also confronted the question of mortality and asked myself whether I am ready to face my Creator. Thus began the search for healing and life's meaning and direction.I read a lot books on healing, self-help and inspirations from authors like Louise Hays, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, etc. I also read books on angels from authors like Elizabeth Clare Prophet and Doreen Virtue. On the latter's book "The Lightworker's Way: Awakening Your Spiritual Power to Know and Heal", she mentioned that she was instructed by a "Higher Spirit" to read "A Course in Miracles". Out of curiosity and thinking that the book might also help me, I googled it and started reading it on-line. I have never stopped reading and re-reading it since then. I am also a regular Bible reader and have read it a number of times. While reading and studying the "Course" and the Bible at the same time, an idea came to my mind that maybe I can do something productive and useful out of it. Thus came my book "Biblical Citations from A Course in Miracles". Its aim is to introduce the "Course" to those readers who are familiar or knowledgeable with the Bible and to general readers who are open to a fresh and new perspective about Christianity. The "Course" has deepened my Christian faith and broadened my understanding of it. It might do the same effect to you. Read my book then and discover snippets of new, refreshing and inspiring ideas and teachings from the "Course".
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