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Book Cover for: Bimladadi's Dream, Aurobindo Ghosh

Bimladadi's Dream

Aurobindo Ghosh

This is a story of Bimladadi, a woman whose life was punctuated by loss and

adversity, yet who faced every challenge with unwavering strength and grace. At

the heart of this narrative is her enduring spirit and the deep bonds that tie her

family together. Bimladadi's journey began with an early tragedy. Widowed when

her son Kantilal was just twelve, she was thrust into the dual role of caregiver

and breadwinner. The modest grocery shop that her husband had left behind

became the lifeline of the small family. Bimladadi and Kantilal worked tirelessly

transforming their humble store into a thriving enterprise. Her unwavering

dedication and perseverance laid a foundation of resilience that would carry the

family through the toughest of times. As Kantilal grew, so did responsibilities.

Marriage brought new hope and challenges. His first wife's untimely death from

cancer left Kantilal and his two-and-half-year-old son Shantilal in the care of

Bimladadi once again. Despite the additional burden, Bimladadi never wavered.

Her compassion and strength provided a haven for both Shantilal and Kantilal,

guiding them through their grief and loss. Fate however had more in store. A

proposal from Tulsibhabhi introduced Banno into their lives, a young woman

whose dreams had been shattered by an unfair societal stigma. Banno's arrival

marked a new beginning for the family. Kantilal supported her education, and

together, they welcomed a daughter Chhutki into the world.

The family's fortune began to change as their grocery shop blossomed into

a successful whole sale business, driven by their collective hard work and

determination. Shantilal and Chhutki inherited the family resilience and

dedication. Both excelled academically, with Shantilal securing the place at IIT

and eventually making his mark in Silicon valley USA. Chhutki, inspired by her

family's perseverance, followed in her brother's footstep perusing a carrier in

aeronautical engineering and also joining IIT. The family's story reaches a joyful

and heartwarming climax in the United States where Shantilal falls in love with

an Indian American girl. In a twist of fate, Chhutki finds herself attracted to

her brother's future brother-in-law. This unexpected connection lead to a double

celebration, as both siblings marries bringing their story to full circle in a land

from their origin. The entire family gather in America to witness this beautiful

moment, a testament to their enduring bonds and strength that carried them

through every trial. This book is a celebration of Bimladadi's indomitable spirit

and the unbeatable ties of the family. It's a journey of hardship, perseverance

and ultimately triumphs. As you turn these pages, may you find inspiration in

their story and witness the incredible power of love and resilience.

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  • Publisher: Ukiyoto Publishing
  • Publish Date: Jun 17th, 2024
  • Pages: 186
  • Language: English
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  • EAN: 9789362698711
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