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Book Cover for: Blood: The Sanguine Prince, Steve Steed

Blood: The Sanguine Prince

Steve Steed

When an innocent game of Goofy Golf the summer before starting college leaves Adrian a vampire, coming out to the world, the openly gay life he'd planned for himself crumbles into a terrifying and exhilarating four year cross-country road trip of sex, secrets, and survival.

Closeted teen Adrian has looked forward to coming out in college all through high school. After throwing back a few illegal brews with his buds playing miniature golf, the party abruptly comes to a screaming end as his friends drive away. Compelled to follow the undeniably handsome stranger into the woods costs him the loss of his virginity - and life as he'd known it dreaming of how it was going to change for the better.

The sun's rays beating down on his blood-drenched face next morning decidedly unbearable, Adrian finds himself hungering insatiably for anything with a pulse. Unwilling to make his parents or friends his next meal, Adrian flees the familiarity of family and home driven by a thirst only the hottest guys on college campuses nationwide could satisfy in a heated, sex-fueled, life-ending moment.

Thinking himself the only creature of his kind, alone in the world, performing at a poetry slam proves him wrong - dead wrong. Enter another, Sir Charles, a dapper little English nobleman, a grandfather-like figure, his gentle friend and sweet savior with horrors unimaginable awaiting his naivety just around the corner.

Thrust into a game of deadly statesmanship and undead intrigue, hesitant Adrian must find his footing as the untested Dorian Prince. Others of his kind fearing he is the ancient prophecy made flesh want him dead at any cost, even if it means killing everything he's come to love in his second attempt at life.

Originally envisioned as a screenplay, Blood: The Sanguine Prince is Steve's debut novel for publication. It's the perfect movie buff's read for fans of vampire or fantasy romance.

Book Details

  • Publisher: Nextone Inc
  • Publish Date: Jun 18th, 2024
  • Pages: 266
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 9.00in - 6.00in - 0.75in - 1.24lb
  • EAN: 9798822940703
  • Categories: Romance - LGBTQ+ - GayRomance - Paranormal - VampiresComing of Age

About the Author

Steed, Steve: - Steve, his life partner, and his spoiled-rotten Rhodesian Ridgeback Zuri are all native Texans living in San Antonio. He spent his first career in real estate. He began to write as an antidote to the blues of 2009's Great Recession. Steve has written passionately and prolifically about coming of age during the AIDS crisis, growing up openly queer in a strict Southern Baptist society, and how he found himself isolated in an underground fueled by sex, disco, and drugs. An organizer for the LGBTQ community, Steve carries a message of hope, resilience, and love with an old school Texas twang.