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Book Cover for: Blood Treasure: Part 1: Issues 1&2, Colin Longworth Palmer

Blood Treasure: Part 1: Issues 1&2

Colin Longworth Palmer

In 1672, Devlin Du Morray is a ruthless, experienced pirate captain with a history in the French Navy. While working in the slave trade for Island Shipping based in Port Royal Jamaica, he arrives in the Kingdom of Dahomey (Benin, West Africa) for another shipment of human cargo. He meets with Gabriel, am African employee of Island Shipping who has promised him a special treasure for a mysterious job he completed. Gabriel leads him to with named Alice. She leads him to the promised treasure through the woods in a seemingly abandoned crypt. Inside the crypt is a stone coffin. When Devlin kicks the coffin open he finds a beautiful woman lying there with a jewel around her neck. Suddenly she comes alive and attacks sinking her vampire teeth into his neck. In a struggle, Devlin kills her but passes out with his body changing along with his fate to roam the seas as a ruthless vampire.

Tommy Hawkins spends a lot of his time drunk and miserable. He has been discharged from the Royal Navy for insubordination during battle. However he established himself as an adept fighter and quick thinker, solving difficult problems to keep himself and his men alive. He spends his time in Port Royal Jamaica at his girlfriend Kathryn's bar hoping he one day gets a job as captain of a ship in international and cross Atlantic trade. Kathryn is also a smuggler and has her own ship, a sloop that deals in commercial goods like tobacco and sometimes does work for Island Shipping.

Devlin has turned most of his pirates some slaves into vampires after he left Africa. He has a mortal crew that manages the ship during the day and at night they ravage the Caribbean, devouring crews with their new blood thirst. Devlin promises his first mate Parsons that he and his crew are not to be touched by the ravenous vampire-pirates. In return for one year of service, he will make them rich and free to go off on their own.

Samuel Kaplan, the owner of Island Shipping is losing ships, crew and at risk of losing his business as the vampire-pirates ravaging the Caribbean is affecting the local economy. Kathryn convinces Samuel that he needs an experienced, battle-hardened captain to rescue his business. Despite his reputation he decides to offer Hawkins a contract for a slave trade contract. Not happy with the job itself and desperate for a job and a sense of purpose, Tommy knows it could lead to bigger and better things. He accepts and sets sail to Africa with a new ship and new crew of hardened sailors.

On their way back from Africa, cholera breaks out amongst the slaves and Tommy is faced with a horrible decision, throw the infected overboard or risk infecting the rest of the ship. Devlin Du Morray and his vampire-pirates take the decision away from him as they board the ship in the night attacking everyone on it. This is the first battle between Devlin Du Morray and his band of vampires versus Tommy and his crew of hardened sailors.

This will be followed by two more printed versions of double issues to complete the story of Hawkins vs Devlin.

Book Details

  • Publisher: Colin L. Palmer
  • Publish Date: Sep 7th, 2023
  • Pages: 44
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 10.00in - 8.00in - 0.11in - 0.31lb
  • EAN: 9798988828235
  • Categories: Fantasy
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