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Book Cover for: Bobby Laser Coloring Book: The Ultimate Amplifier: Bobby Laser, Bam Supremereign

Bobby Laser Coloring Book: The Ultimate Amplifier: Bobby Laser

Bam Supremereign

Welcome to the Adventures of "Bobby Laser" Earth's galactic hero.

Issue No. 1 Bobby Laser vs The ULTIMATE AMPLIFIER
A giant space alien with vast power looking to destroy the Earth.
(Color with Crayons or colored pencils)

History of Bobby Laser.
In the vast expanse of the New Mexico desert, a quintet of extraterrestrial entities, known colloquially as "The Grays," endured a crash landing. Miraculously, all five emerged with only minor wounds. Upon their discovery by the U.S. military, they conveyed a message of harmony, love, and enlightenment, promoting ideals of unity and peace across the cosmos.

Over time, these benevolent beings shared their advanced knowledge, aiding the military in technological advancements. They formed a unique psychic bond with Dr. Lazar's adopted son, affectionately dubbed "Bobby Laser."

At the tender age of 12, the aliens bestowed upon Bobby a remarkable gift: the "Goo," a suit of armor endowed with extraordinary capabilities. Bobby Laser's G-Suit empowered him with enhanced strength, cloaking abilities, antigravity manipulation, electromagnetism control, and the ability to generate EMP discharges akin to lightning bolts from his hands. As Bobby matured, his innate powers blossomed, including heightened intelligence, telekinesis, telepathy, and molecular manipulation, courtesy of his brain's now-active 75% capacity.

The G-Suit, aptly named the "Goo," proved itself as the pinnacle of universal technology. It could withstand the harshest environments, enduring depths of 26 miles below the ocean's surface, and the vacuum of space, and remained impervious to water, fire, and extreme cold. Additionally, it boasted resistance against biological threats and electroshock.

Legend spoke of the "Goo" as the genesis of life itself, embodying the very essence of the universe through its organic conscience energy.

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  • Publish Date: Jun 11st, 2024
  • Pages: 52
  • Language: English
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