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Book Cover for: Born in Exile, George Gissing

Born in Exile

George Gissing

"Born in Exile" through George Gissing delves into the complexities of social and personal identity in overdue 19th-century England. The novel follows the existence of Osmond Waymark, a talented however impoverished train, as he navigates the demanding situations of sophistication mobility and intellectual ambition. Osmond unearths himself torn among his preference for achievement within the literary global and his growing attraction to Ida Starr, a spirited young woman from a lower social magnificence. As their relationship deepens, Osmond turns into increasingly aware of the rigid social limitations that stand between them, forcing him to confront his very own experience of privilege and entitlement. Set towards the backdrop of London's literary circles and working-magnificence neighborhoods, "Born in Exile" explores topics of affection, ambition, and social inequality with Gissing's trademark insight and sensitivity. The novel offers a thought-frightening examination of the tensions among man or woman aspirations and societal expectations, dropping mild at the complexities of Victorian society and the human circumstance. Through Osmond's adventure of self-discovery and moral reckoning, Gissing paints a bright portrait of a society in transition, grappling with the challenges of modernity and the enduring legacy of sophistication divisions.

Book Details

  • Publisher: Double 9 Books
  • Publish Date: Feb 1st, 2024
  • Pages: 396
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 8.50in - 5.50in - 0.88in - 1.10lb
  • EAN: 9789361422997
  • Categories: Historical - General

About the Author

Gissing, George: - Gissing was born on November 22, 1857, in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, the eldest of five children to Thomas Waller Gissing, a chemist, and Margaret. His siblings included William, who died at the age of twenty, Algernon, who later became a writer, Margaret, and Ellen. The Gissing Trust maintains his childhood house in Thompson's Yard, Wakefield. Gissing attended Back Lane School in Wakefield, where he excelled academically. His real interest in reading began when he was ten years old, when he read Charles Dickens' The Old Curiosity Shop, and it expanded over time, thanks to his father's encouragement and the family library. Juvenilia written at this time was published in 1995 as The Poetry of George Gissing. After returning to England, Gissing and Nell lived in London, where he wrote novels and worked as a private instructor. When his debut novel, Workers in the Dawn, was rejected by a publisher, he self-published it using funds from an inheritance. Gissing married Nell on October 27, 1879. Their marriage was marred by poverty, and they were frequently separated while Nell was in the hospital due to ill health. Morley Roberts, a fellow novelist and Owens College alumni, published The Private Life of Henry Maitland, a novel inspired by Gissing's life, in 1912. He was acquaintances with Eduard Bertz, a German socialist whom he met in 1879.