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Book Cover for: Bottom Line Large Print Connections Puzzles: Group Words Puzzles and Solutions Worksheet #1, Pradeep Mishra

Bottom Line Large Print Connections Puzzles: Group Words Puzzles and Solutions Worksheet #1

Pradeep Mishra

Connection: a relationship in which a person, thing, or idea is linked or associated with something else.
In these Connections Puzzles you are presented with a 4x4 grid of unique words.
You need to group four sets of 4 words that share a common thread.
All our puzzles and solutions are in large print.
Large print makes it easier for our readers to read, understand, process information and find Solutions.
Vocabulary expansion: The game exposes children to a wide range of words in different categories. ...
Critical thinking skills: Connections require children to think critically .
To make connections based on similarities or common traits.
You rearrange 16 words into groups of four
Group words by topic
Hours of Positive Entertainment
Develop Vocab recognition skills.
Develop Words memory.
Develop speed and accuracy with large numbers
Build confidence
Develop flexible thinking
Great fun
Boost self-esteem
Learn to enjoy mathematics
Learn mathematics skills
Increase earning power
Develop Reasoning skills
Develop thinking in a mathematical way
Develop Capacity to understand,
Develop reasoning power
Develop capacity to remember
Connection will boost your logical thinking.
Playing this Connection will improve your memory
Playing this Puzzle will slow Alzheimer's
This Puzzle will help to develop quick-thinking skills
Playing this Sudoku will improve concentration.
Improves Vocab sense
Helps with conceptual understanding
Develops critical thinking
Helps with Vocab concepts
Helps with Increasing focus.
Helps with Enhanced performance
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with white paper
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