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Book Cover for: Bottom Line Large Print Easy Sudoku: Logic Puzzles for Teens to Boost Self Esteem #1, Kumar

Bottom Line Large Print Easy Sudoku: Logic Puzzles for Teens to Boost Self Esteem #1



A note from the Author:
The science community and Many Studies have found that Sudoku Boost Your Brain Health.
Gives Teens the opportunity to develop hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving strategies through repeated practice.Here you will find unique Sudoku puzzles designed for Adults, enjoy it because Keeping your mind strong and sharp is important for your career success.

Some basic information about SUDOKU:
SUDOKU: The correct pronunciation is soo-duh-koo.
SUDOKU is shortened version of Japanese phrase "Suji Wa Dokushin Ni Kagiru."
It means the numbers must remain single.
It is a real "brain game" to stimulate people's cognitive skills.
It is game of logic, problem solving and spotting patterns in the Grid.
The Rules of Bottom Line Sudoku:
Bottom Line sudoku puzzle grid consists of 9 rows, 9 columns,
and 9 inner boxes, blocks or regions.
Each having 9 cells, so involves a grid of 81 squares.
So, a solved Bottom Line sudoku puzzle will have numbers 1-9 in each row,
in each column, and in each inner box.
These sudoku puzzles are logic-based, combinatorial number-placement puzzles.
These Sudoku Puzzles boosts logical thinking. Improves memory. Improves quick-thinking skills. It improves short-term memory and problem-solving skills. Good for brain health. It will reduce stress and negativity. It will also help you develop a healthy positive mindset. Researchers have found that puzzles are mentally stimulating and Prevent Alzheimer's Disease and helps with Maintaining a healthy brain. Improves memory power. Gain logic skills. Learn patience. Stay motivated and mentally fit. All our puzzles and solutions are in large print. Large print makes it easier for our readers to read, understand, process information and find Solutions.

I hope you will find this useful.
Good Luck!
Pradeep Kumar Mishra

Why You need this Book: Benefits of This Books: Get Your Copy Today! Because it will Positively Affect Your Life:

  1. Develop number recognition skills.
  2. Develop number memory.
  3. Develop speed and accuracy
  4. Build confidence
  5. Develop flexible thinking
  6. Great fun
  7. Boost self-esteem
  8. Learn to enjoy mathematics
  9. Learn mathematics skills
  10. Increase earning power
  11. Develop Reasoning skills
  12. Develop thinking in a mathematical way
  13. Develop capacity to understand,
  14. Develop capacity to remember
  15. This Sudoku will boost your logical thinking.
  16. Playing this Sudoku will improve your memory
  17. Playing this Sudoku will slow Alzheimer's
  18. This Sudoku will help to develop quick-thinking skills
  19. Playing this Sudoku will improve concentration
  20. Reduce anxiety & stress
  21. Reduce impact of Dementia

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Book Details

  • Publisher: Independently Published
  • Publish Date: Apr 5th, 2024
  • Pages: 114
  • Language: English
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