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Book Cover for: Called To Be a Wife: The Science, Bible and Wisdom of Wifehood, Adia Dozier

Called To Be a Wife: The Science, Bible and Wisdom of Wifehood

Adia Dozier

"Called to be a Wife" by Adia Dozier is a compelling journey of love, faith, and self-discovery for all women. Readers are drawn into an emotionally rich and spiritually insightful narrative as Adia navigates the complexities of relationships and married life, with the utmost transparency. Through the lens of love and faith, Adia Dozier delves into the transformative power of commitment, wholeness, and emotional / physical intimacy. Her marriage textbook isn't just a guide-it's an inspirational testament to resilience and hope in love, offering comfort and encouragement to the heart of readers of all backgrounds, regardless of their relationship status. Whether you're currently married, or you've always been single, or find yourself now to be divorced or widowed, "Called to be a Wife" provides practical tools and discussions on topics often overlooked in traditional settings. This is a Woman's 101 textbook, providing all women with the tools of the trade to arm themselves with the innate power God created us to possess. Adia Dozier blends relational psychology, biblical guidance, and bold transparency to create a narrative that resonates with readers on a profound level. With its engaging storytelling and relatable characters, "Called to be a Wife" is a must-read for anyone seeking a fulfilling and healthy love and life of devotion.

No one ever said that finding, offering or receiving love is easy. Every other role in a women's life has structured training, on-going support and continuing education. Adia's mentorship blends the science of relational psychology, with the guidance of the bible, and the bold transparencies of the practical wisdoms of wifehood. With engaging storytelling and relatable characters, this book is a must-read for anyone seeking a heartfelt and uplifting story of healthy love and devotion. Join Adia Dozier on a journey where every page is infused with the essence of feminine empowerment and the pursuit of relational excellence. Discover why "Called to be a Wife" is more than just a book-it's a transformative experience waiting to be embraced. Join her and countess others on the "Called to be a Wife" movement!

  • Title: Called to be a Wife
  • Author: Adia Dozier
  • Genre: Fiction, Romance, Inspirational
  • Date Published: April 1, 2024
  • Themes: Love, Faith, Marriage, Self-Discovery
  • Audience: Adults, Readers of Inspirational Fiction
  • Keywords: Marriage, Love Story, Christian Romance, Self-Discovery, Inspirational Fiction
  • BISAC Codes: FIC027270; FIC042040; FIC066000; REL012050; REL012040; SEL021000; FAM029000; SEL016000

Book Details

  • Publisher: Independently Published
  • Publish Date: Apr 10th, 2024
  • Pages: 354
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 11.00in - 8.50in - 0.74in - 1.81lb
  • EAN: 9798321148594
  • Categories: Love & Romance

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