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Book Cover for: Can You Lose Your Salvation?: What Do You Think?, Adesegun H. Olayiwola

Can You Lose Your Salvation?: What Do You Think?

Adesegun H. Olayiwola

There are whole denominations that answer yes to the question "Can I lose my salvation". The Methodists, the Wesleyans, the Pentecostals, the Church of Christ and in a different sense, the Roman Catholic Church. On the other hand, there are the Baptists, the Presbyterians and all of the Reformed churches who insist that a true believer may sin and sin terribly but in the end all truly redeemed will finally enter heaven.

It's difficult for us who live in an uncertain world to believe that anyone can be that certain of heaven. How can you be sure? And does this teaching not invite pride and even possible spiritual laziness? Isn't this doctrine damnable because it encourages believers to sin since they have nothing to lose?

Every believer is safe and secure and protected in Christ/ but not every believer realizes and understands his safety and security as well as he should. The more I realize how safe and secure I am in Christ, the more assurance I will have and the more I will be able to enjoy my relationship with Christ.

Sadly, there is another class of people who have a sense of false security. They think that they are safe when they are not safe at all. They think they are on solid ground when they are actually on sinking sand. Their situation would be like the person who thinks the ice is thick and walks out on it1 only to have it give way under his feet, plunging him into the icy waters. Some have false security because they think that their good works will earn them entrance into heaven. Others have false security because they are trusting in some religious system for their salvation. Anyone who trusts in anything or anyone other than Jesus Christ and Him alone is not safe! Such a person is in great danger. Our refuge and safety must not be in SELF but in CHRIST ALONE.

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