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Book Cover for: Centauresses of the Silver Dragon, Lynn Marron

Centauresses of the Silver Dragon

Lynn Marron

The Regiment follows the hoof prints of Jace, a ruggedly handsome centaur of Clydesdale proportions. Winning on their last battlefield, but betrayed by treacherous princes, these sword wielding mercenaries are outlawed. Now as he hunts a patron to keep his band together, he must hide a worsening leg wound, knowing that a challenge to his leadershipmust end in death!This legendary fighter finds a patronin the stunningly beautiful Silver Star, a tall, gray centauress with sea foam white hair, luxurious tail and ominous cloven hoofs. Star promises a vast treasure if the Regiment frees her rich mines from a rampaging dragon. But there are problems: Jace does not believe in dragons and the lady has not told him of herreal enemies, the deadly Scarlur.With the free ranging life style of centaur society Jace has always had many lovers. But none truly have touched his heart since he was forced to slay Ginger on the battlefield. Slashing his sword down to give his true love a merciful death, he killed his heart too. Yet now Silver Star, this skilled healer and intriguing fast running she, awakens old desires within him. Beyond just mounting Silver Star, he must possess her! Even if her kin forbid their love and his warriors think this silver siren is leading them all to their deaths

Book Details

  • Publisher: Lynn Marron
  • Publish Date: Mar 5th, 2015
  • Pages: 406
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 7.99in - 5.00in - 0.90in - 0.97lb
  • EAN: 9781942888017
  • Categories: Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Legends & Mythology

About the Author

Descended from generations of Tarot card readers (four that we know of), Lynn Marron has a wide range of interests: travel, genetics, camp cooking, psychometry, painting, science fiction, horses and wild animals, the supernatural world, historical reenacting, weapons of all kinds, miniatures, sailing ships and swimming, all of which manages to burst forth in her books. Lynn has written comic book scripts, short stories, radio plays, television scripts and novels. Reading that for a story in Fantasy and Science Fiction she had been nominated at the first level for a Nebula award, she hyperventilated for the only time in her life-keep that in mind if you ever decide to nominate her for a Hugo or Edgar! Trying to carve out time for writing, Lynn spent years as a Permanent Temporary, exposing her to: all sorts of jobs (Entenmann's Cake Pusher); and people (the guy, who coming out of his office, finding his secretary passed out on the floor, just jumped over her and kept on walking to lunch); and locations (working in places ranging from a two hundred and fifty year old flour mill to the World Trade Center). Now writing almost daily at home, she lives in Connecticut, with her computer geek husband, Lenny Bloom, and their two fifteen year olds, who refuse to allow their names to be connected with this latest humiliation (but it's George and Philip). Her gold fish don't care if she uses their names, they are: Lucky, Beluga, Splash and Jazz (But Jazz is missing-plot for another mystery book?) You can contact her at
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