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Book Cover for: Channing Pollock: Master of Magic, Michael Pascoe

Channing Pollock: Master of Magic

Michael Pascoe

The late 20th century showcased some of the top names in magic. However, one name created mythical status as if molded from clay by the hands of the Almighty. With movie star good looks, he became the most influential conjurer of all time. Women wanted to be with him and men wanted to be him. That man... Channing Pollock.

Pollock forever changed the art of magic as we know it. His influence has gone beyond even the Suave Deceiver himself. Though many have manipulated cards in the Cardini style, there is one organic prop that has transcended time and that is the living embodiment of grace and sophistication. The majestic bird of peace... the dove.

Just like those avian creatures, Channing himself oozed grace and sophistication. Even though dove magic did not begin with him, it seemed that with his first appearance on Ed Sullivan's Toast of the Town, the world took notice and forever linked his name with those white feathery creatures.

When making the movie the Prestige, Hugh Jackman said that he modeled his character's style after Channing. Chan's career was extraordinary, his life story was complex and humbling. The Hero's Journal for Pollock was not an easy one. But in the end, he returned the boon to the region of his birth for others to prosper from his experience.

This long overdue book was many years in the making. Researched with care, the author Michael Pascoe weaved this tale of the life story of a shy undersized young lad from Sacramento, California, into the confident six foot four man that commanded any and every room he entered.

A complete biography of the Master of Magic, Channing Pollock

572 pages

Over 425 illustrations

About 120 in color

Book Details

  • Publisher: Michael Pascoe
  • Publish Date: Oct 16th, 2023
  • Pages: 574
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 11.00in - 8.50in - 1.69in - 4.56lb
  • EAN: 9781088091661
  • Categories: GeneralGeneralGeneral

About the Author

Pascoe, Michael: - Michael Pascoe is an author, graphic artist, and professional magical entertainer. His interest in magic started as a kid. After watching the TV show the "Magician" starring Bill Bixby, he couldn't wait to go the local library the next day to learn this craft. Magic was my gateway to everything. Thus began the lifelong passion with the art of magic. With this passion in place, it drove him to dive into acting to better assist his stagecraft as well as mime and classical dance. Not happy with the lack of well written routines, led him to use the art of crafting words. He soon learned the special kind of magic using the imagination that Michael already keenly developed. It allowed him to create worlds and places that only took place in the deep crevices of his mind. Despite taking dance and acting classes at full force, magic was always in the back of his thoughts. The picture of Benny Chavez in an old article of Genii always stayed with him. When he found out that they still taught classes, he signed up with the Chavez School of Magic with Dale Salwak as teacher. With the help of his dance teacher, Patsy Swayze, mother of legendary film actor Patrick Swayze, Michael devolved a dance manipulation act. From there he became a professional magician performing in venues like the Aladdin and Paris Hotel and Casinos in Las Vegas. He also worked many years at Magic Mountain in Valencia, California being the MC and house magician. During those time, he went back to his hometown of Simi Valley, California to become Secretary to the IBM's Dai Vernon Ring. It was during shows for various events put on by the club that Michael got to perform on stage with his mentor at Chavez, Dale Salwak. Michael was also a past member of the Society of American Magicians as well as the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, California where he spent many evenings reading from the dreamland that is their library. This increased his knowledge in all things magic. Most of the time he closed the place down when the valet would seek him out to give him his car keys. After uprooting his life for the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas, Michael soon found out what happens there really does stay there. So writing became a necessity. After working as an on-air radio personality for about three years, he earned an Associates of Arts Degree with an undergrad in Journalism at the College of Southern Nevada. Soon afterwards, his passion came full circle by combining all of his talents, magic, writing, and graphic design.
Praise for this book

This book will find a place of honor in my bookcase between John Fisher's biography of Cardini and Levent and Todd Karr's biography of Roy Benson.

--Amado Narvaez

I've never read a biography with such detail. Michael has put his heart and soul into bringing Channing Pollock to us in a new light. His first hand interviews with two of his ex-wives have given us a firsthand look into Channing's deeper vein. This book is a must read for magicians for sure, I highly recommend it to all.

--Brian Smedley

Channing Pollock, Master if Magic is just a really incredible book, I can't say enough good things about it. Michael talks about Channing Pollock and his journey. It's a very inspirational and poignant as well touching story. I recommend it to any magician who wants to know more and loves Channing Pollock. I give it a perfect ten. It's one of the best biographies I've ever read so I highly recommend it to you my friends and my magicians. So go out and buy it soon as it's released.

--Darin Martineau

This is not a book of tricks, but the most thoroughly researched biography of any Superstar in magic. The real magic of a great magician is in this book. It follows CP (Channing Pollock) from a novice who got the "bug", to a living legend, to a spiritual Maestro and healer. It is packed with so much information, a lot of which (surprisingly) was completely new to me. Now dear readers step back in time with me. To a place where live entertainment was king, and magic was still magic!

--James Dimmare