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Book Cover for: Characterizations of Nanoparticles and Its Applications, Malatesh S. Pujar

Characterizations of Nanoparticles and Its Applications

Malatesh S. Pujar

The word Nano is a prefix used to denote the unit of time and length. One Nano meter is 10-9 m and the unit denomination of Nano is "n". Because of its small and remarkable size difference between the Nano world and the regular macroscopic world, Nano is an emerging phenomenon of science and technology.

Nano-science is about atomic physics converges with quantum mechanics of physics and chemistry, and we can say it as "The world of atoms and molecules". This knowledge amenable to new computational techniques. Nanos-cience and Nanotechnology revolted the investigations and manipulations enormously in the fields of engineering, chemical, medical, materials science [9], health care systems, photochemical, volcanic activity, food packaging, and vehicle exhaust. The above said all technical achievements are possible because when the material's size is engineered to Nano scale, then the corresponding properties develop or change, and they behave differently than the molecule/bulk material. So, when the shape, size, phase, and morphology change that leads to change in their optical, catalytic, electrical, thermal or magnetic related properties. This leads to enormous applications in the field of science and technology. In precise, the Nano-science is the study of the chemical and physical properties of Nano scale materials and Nano-technology is developing and applying the Nanomaterials to prepare new advanced usable tools and applications.

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