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Book Cover for: Chaser Twin Flame Experience: The Inner Work Journey, Silvia Moon

Chaser Twin Flame Experience: The Inner Work Journey

Silvia Moon

Inner work is a sacred spiritual persona journey that you take within yourself to integrate, heal, and re-organize yourself in alignment with your authenticity, Soul calling, and inner being.

Your inner being is naturally peaceful, in harmony, and grounded in your authenticity. This state of inner being is who you aspire to become after doing your inner work.

Authenticity is being in touch with your inner being and acting in alignment with your inner being harmonic vibration. It requires total awareness and mindfulness of the self. You must be able to objectively assess and analyze your energy vibrations, and emotional well-being, and control negative thinking patterns.

Anyone grounded in their authenticity freely and honestly expresses their feelings. If not, you suppress your trauma as a coping mechanism. This is one way of hurting the inner child. Childhood trauma is a compilation of many situations.

Suppression of gut feelings and blocking out your inner child is a coping mechanism when you no longer feel in touch with your authentic needs - when you no longer pay attention to your emotions and feelings. You are not aware of them. You will not express yourself. You also will not know what your emotional needs are.

I break down my healing journey into different processes:

  • Self-love and self-rediscovery
  • Spiritual Healing and Transcendence
  • Hugging your inner child
  • Healing accumulated past emotional pain
  • Healing core wounding
  • Breaking generational curses

I hope this book helps you. Stay Blessed!

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