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Book Cover for: Christ is Our Natural State of Being, Robert Hall

Christ is Our Natural State of Being

Robert Hall

The Christ State of Being: According to A Course In Miracles, the Christ is not merely a historical figure (such as Jesus) but a universal state of consciousness. It represents our true identity beyond the limitations of the ego and the physical body. In other words, we are ALL Christ Beings and NOT human beings. The Christ state of being is characterized by love, forgiveness, and oneness with God. It transcends the illusion of separation and recognizes the divine essence in all beings. It's the living expression of Light within us, a recognition that we are interconnected, eternal, and part of a greater whole. Forgiveness and Awakening: ACIM emphasizes forgiveness as a central practice. By forgiving ourselves and others, we release the ego's grip on our minds and open ourselves to the Christ consciousness. When we forgive, we let go of grievances, judgments, and illusions. In this process, we awaken to our true nature, the Christ within us. Forgiveness is not about condoning harmful actions; it's about recognizing that everyone is worthy of love and redemption, regardless of their past behavior. Beyond Human Identity: When we attain perfection in forgiveness, we move beyond the limited perception of being a mere human being. We recognize our divine origin. The Christ within us is not bound by time, space, or physical form. It is eternal, unchanging, and connected to the Source. In this state, we see through the illusion of separateness and experience unity with all creation. Remember that ACIM invites us to practice forgiveness daily, allowing the Christ consciousness to shine through our interactions and perceptions. It's a journey toward awakening, a shift from human identity to divine realization. -Bob

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  • Publish Date: Jun 24th, 2024
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About the Author

Hall, Robert: -

I'm 71 and was fortunate to be raised by a Father and Mother who were old enough to be my grandparents. The subject of God never came up but they taught me a prayer at a very young age, "Now I lay me down to sleep I pray to you Lord my soul to keep if I should die before I awake I pray oh Lord my soul to take." Thus a belief in a Higher Power was ingrained. My manuscripts are a compilation of over ten years of writing. If they instill in you a growing peace I'm more than satisfied. Bob