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Book Cover for: City Project 2075: The planet is burning - Time is running out., Michael Tinney

City Project 2075: The planet is burning - Time is running out.

Michael Tinney

The year is 2053 and the world population has fallen dramatically because of a killer virus and our inaction at the beginning of the 21st century when warnings on so many fronts were ignored. Leroy and Marsha were born at the end of the 20th century so they have seen their world move from hope, through frustration to despair as so much needed to be done but the political landscape did not allow for it in time. Fresh hope now beckons as a new generation born in the 21st century is coming of age, but will they be able to overcome the inertia of the older ruling elite. A killer virus was the major contributor to the collapse of humanity, but so many other factors were involved as well because the warnings were ignored and history was ignored. Wars, bush fires, flooding, world poverty, wealth inequality, migration, drug resistant viruses, changing weather patterns, loss of species, political upheaval. All separate issues of the 21st century, but what if they were all part of one much larger issue - Climate Change. Dismissed at the time as predictions of doom, a planet that has been over 4 billion years in the making has never had so many warning bells all going off at once.These factors eventually conspired together to give humanity a wake up call and now it really is the very last chance to save human life on earth. The younger generations, inspired internationally by Greta Thunberg wanted action, but they were fighting a system designed to keep the ruling elite of the 20th century in power. Their foundation was built on money, dirty money earned from the carbon producing oil gas and coal industries, that reached deep into the banking, political and press barons who controlled the lives of everyone. Scientists were issuing warning after warning, and people were increasingly seeing the evidence laid out in front of them on a daily basis, but still many at the top of governments around the globe denied the facts whilst their own countries were literally burning. When the doomsday scenario eventually arrived in the mid 2030's drastic action was necessary, and City Project 2075 was born as the very last ditch attempt to sustain human life on earth. Society as we know it collapsed and when a base level was eventually established this gave us one very last opportunity to put things right. For the first time in history it was the younger generation who were taking the lead, inspiring a can do attitude with a willingness to make hard decisions for the long term good of everyone. Unfortunately the old capitalist powerbrokers had not become extinct overnight, but they had merely lain dormant awaiting their opportunity to inspire a fresh generation to their greed driven mantra. Greta Thunberg has taught us that no one is too small to make a difference, and now it is up to you to decide on the pathway that we follow.2020 is a key stepping stone on the pathway to City Project 2075. Will fiction become reality?

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  • Publish Date: Jan 25th, 2020
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